Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh Baby or is it Oh NOOOOO!!!!!!

So at the start of July I wasn't feeling myself and I was looking
a little soft around the middle and that didn't make any sense because
I was working out and eating right and about to win the biggest loser comp!!!!
Oh and then I looked at a calender and count out the 28 days only to
realise that I was late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I bought a test the night before we left for California and it came back
Now I had to find some way to break the horror I mean news to
Justin. To my luck because I was scared to death to have
let him know, He saw the test in the bathroom garbage.
I was in to much shock to hide it. he asked if I was Sure?
I said yes and cried, he laughed also in shock.
And here we are 8 wks pregnant with a 7 mth old.
To answer what I'm sure you are all counting on your fingers
they will be 14 and 1/2 mths apart.
Now I must say I am starting to be ok with it,
I'm not all the way yet but I'm sure once the morning sickness
leaves, I will be. So lets all cry together, Oh wait writing this
has made me so sick that I must now run for the bath room.
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