Tuesday, April 20, 2010


My mom has had a bunch of health issues as of late.
First off we thought she had a heart attack,
but when the Dr went in for a closer look all was fine.
They decided that it must be her thyroid causing all the trouble,
she went to a couple more Dr who said that it was her thyroid,
and then they brought up the "C" word.
After a lot of prayers and worries
she went in to have a biopsy of her thyroid.
The results came back that
They removed her thyroid and now hopefully
all will get back to normal for my parents.
I am so thankful for my mother and also for my Savior who has protected
her and blessed her that at least for right now cancer
is not something that we need worry about.
Love you Mom

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This is my beautiful niece Alica.
(while you read this post I recommend singing Sunrise Sunset)
Alicia is who made me Aunt Kem at the ripe old age of 11.
She just turned 18 and is about to graduate.
Which means it is high time for me to
embarrass her for the wide world to see.
Love ya Shesha.

In our home she is know as Shesha

(thanks to Dallin and Mike not being able to say Alicia)

I used to cart her along with me when I was in High School, and make her sing Fat guy in a little coat. For those who have no idea what I am talking about watch Tommy Boy.

We still quote movies, mostly anything that has come out of Jack Black's mouth.

I sing songs about boys she likes, because I think its funny to watch her blush. Mainly to "Oh Ricky your so fine you blow my mind."

I could go on and on but to finish up I'm just going to say, that Alicia you are an amazing person and we all love you and hope the best for you at this exciting blow your mind time. Always follow where the Lord leads you, trust in him and you will always be able to deal with life. Know that he loves you and also wants the best for you. Recently I heard that the Savior takes you as you are but will never leave you as you are.

Enjoy this time and I can't wait to see who you become as you grow and become a woman, wife and someday a mother. If I have any advise besides trust in the Lord it would be trust in your Mom. She loves you and knows a lot about life and what you are going through. she also is amazing and is totally rad just like you.

love ya Shesha

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dumb Old Tree Branch!!!!

Last night around 1 am (I know it was around 1 because I was up feeding Evie)
Our light flickered and went out. I thought oh no my Mom's
dumb old tree has finally knocked out our power line! (this stupid tree drops branches every couple of years but has yet to hit our line.)
I looked and a branch was down in our neighbor's back yard,
and a big one was resting against my roof. (which I thought would come down during the night, but didn't) Our power line was up and happily covered in snow.
Everyone's light were out and I happily laid Evie down and went to sleep.
Everyone's lights came back on around 3 am. Well everyone but ours.
Sometime during the night my Mom's dumb old tree dropped one more branch,
and that dumb old branch decided to line it self up with my power line,
and it took it out without a thought of the poor people who now have no power
and are refuges at their Mom's/grandma's home until all is fixed.

Tree branch resting against my house

Big Old Dumb Tree

View from my Mom's. Notice that are power pipe thing is bent
and that we have to fixed power pipe thing before the
power guys can fix our power line.

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