Friday, April 25, 2014

Oil Pulling

Have you ever tried oil pulling?
You take a spoonful of coconut oil and swish it around your mouth for about 20 min.
If you try it be sure to spit the oil into the trash, not your sink.

The first time I tried it I was expecting to gag and have a fowl taste in my mouth.
Honestly it has a mild taste and if you had an essential oil like peppermint 
you can't even taste the oil.

I thought that 20 min would kill me, but if I do it with my morning jobs, 
it goes by fast.  I just set a timer and start cleaning.

My teeth felt cleaner from day one, my teeth are less sensitive
 and have less build up at the end of the day.

I had a tooth that felt like a cavity was starting and now seems completely fine.

I will admit that I have fallen off the oil pulling wagon and the other day got a canker sore.
Super lame!  I decide to try oil pulling with On Guard and it was gone the next day.
I have never had a canker heal that fast.
So needless to say me and oil pulling our back on and I have learned my lesson.

As a side note Coconut Oil is also amazing on your face and helps a bunch with acne.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter Art Project

Being married to an artistie guy is amazing.
Justin the week before Easter painted a new painting that represents when 
our Savior will come again and we will be reunited with Levi.
Honestly it filled my heart with so much love and hope and filled it with a deep longing for 
that day which seems forever away.
At times my heartaches for the babies we have lost.
I am grateful for this heartache, because it has helped me understand how strong
that longing is for someone who desperately wants a child who they can't have.
I think of Hannah praying at the wall and pouring out her heart for a child,
I know something of that heartache and I can relate to her in a whole new way.
What joy and peace she must have felt when the Prophet Eli told her the Lord had heard
and would bless her with Samuel.   

We are so very loved, a Family is Forever!

Sunday, March 16, 2014


For those friends and family who would like to follow my mom's battle with stomach cancer,
we have started a blog.  I will write about it there and most likely here as well.

  Luckily a lot will come from my mom with special insight into her personal fight, but when your mom has cancer your entire family has cancer, so you will also here from all of us. 

Here's a link to the blog 

You can also find a link in my sidebar under "Our family's journey".

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Menu Thursday

I'm Loving the shopping for 10 days instead of 7!
With that said I have a billion things to do so I'm going to stop 
typing a way and get right to my 10 day menu.

I think I might pare this up with sweet potato this time.


Baked Chicken Parm 
I make mine with panco bread crumbs.

Evie's birthday dinner

Shepherds Pie

Chili Dogs

2 Nights of Left Overs

Friday, February 28, 2014

Put um up 2014

Wow 2014 it's only February and you've already been kinda jerky.
It seem lately every time I turn around bright eyes that something else is punching me in the face.
I feel like I've been in survival mood this whole year and completely not up to anything, feeling like a craptastict wife and mother.

Guess what 2014 I'm no victim and so so I don't care and other tough stuff.
Also 2014 I know what's important!
My relationship with God
My Husband
My kids
My family
My friends
and as long as all these people know that I love them and I'm trying my hardest and
this crappy world of trail after trail that has been 2014 won't stop me from becoming just who I am meant to be, then ALL will be fine. 
I am thankful for the refiners fire.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

hairspray now for more then hair

 Yesterday Evie and Milo where in my office at work for 2 min and managed to 
wright with pen all over the dry erase board.
Seriously Crappy of them.

At first I was afraid I would have to pay like $10 to buy a new one.
Demon children are always skimming my wallet.
But then I remembered this magic cleaning trick!!!!
All you need is hairspray!
Just spray it on, wipe off and presto it's all clean.

My $10 just gave me a high five.
Now I can spend it on something important like 10 Dr Peppers from McDonald's.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Book's Check Em Out

I love recipe books!!!!  Come on who doesn't?
When I saw The Romney Family Table, I knew I wanted it,
and let Justin know that I wanted it and left hints it would make a great Christmas present.
Somehow my hints feel short and this was not waiting for me under the tree.
I did get the new gym shoes, that I picked out and bought and put under the tree.

Anyway, I saw that it was on sale for half off at Desert Book!!!!
So I ran over and picked up my very own copy.
I can't wait to try out so many of the recipes and I love all the pictures of the Romney family.
  I'm sure that they will be feature on Menu Thursday.

As a bonus! When I was searching for an image, 
I was lucky enough to stumble along to The Super Hero Cookbook.

I'm guessing that this beauty would have made it under the tree.

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