Monday, March 30, 2009

Milo is 3 Mths Today

I can not believe that it has already been 3 mths. Wow !!
He has already changed so much and it kinda makes me a
little sad to think that he is no longer that little thing I brought home from
the hospital. He started laughing on Friday and today
I was able to get him laughing so hard.
Naturally I wanted to share that with someone, so I packed him up
and brought him to Stephs and of coarse he wouldn't even give half a laugh.
Milo Joseph you are the best baby and I would like to thank you mostly
for bring a smile to my face every time I look in your lil face.
Also for sleeping all night long. That is so very very awesome!!!
There are more photos of little Milo man on

Since it doesn't feel anything like spring. Thank you very much
stupid Utah weather. I decided to post some photos I took
earlier last week of some of my flowers.
Hopefully they will bring even a smidgen of that
wonderful spring feeling to your day.
Snow Snow Go Away
and Don't come Again Until Next

As a side note all three of my big kids had
great report cards. Lauren naturally had all 4's
and Dallin and Mike both had mostly 4's and a few 3's.
Great job my little one's.
Oh by the way Dallin also got a 4 on his county report!!!
4's = A's and 3's = B's

Friday, March 27, 2009

Mike's 3rd Grade Program and Dallin's County Report

On Wednesday Mr Mike had his 3rd grade program.

Which he was awesome at, but as if any of you 3 people out there

who read this would ever doubt.

He was so excited, it was really cute!!!

He came home and informed me he had a solo, and I was so

excited to here his raspy voice tell the world (sorry I mean tell Columbia Elementary)

That he liked being him.

So Mike jumps up and tells all of Columbia "that he likes being him"

with 5 other children and I couldn't make out his unique voice.

I think we might need to tell him what a solo is for next time.

This was his fav part. He told me he had to wear a dark shirt

with no writing on it like only 15 million times.

But what boy doesn't like a good black light.

They moved around white bowling pins as they sang.

Supper fun to do and to watch!

How could I not post this picture of Milo in Jen's lap?
By the way Mike counted and Milo got 28 complements that day.

My Fav part was trying to make Mike laugh.

Which I did with the help of Milo.

Now on to Dallin and Carbon County.

Just in case you don't know in 4th Grade

you have your county report and it is major!

let me repeat that for emphasis IT IS MAJOR!

I have to say that when Dal came home in October and told me

he had Carbon County, I thought oh man what a lame county.

I am so sorry Carbon Count that I judge you so harshly.

It is one cool county. There is hiking and rafting and Indian rock art and ghost towns.

Here I thought it was just coal, who new.

To start off the county fair they sang a couple of songs,

and showed off there made recorder skills.

(you also get to play the recorder in 4th grade)

Dallin had to make a float, and since there is fossils

all over Carbon. His choice was to have one dino eating the other.

The inspiration for this came from dallin's hero Strongbad.

Click here to check it out.

It was great bonding for Justin and Dallin.

Justin beamed down at his son as they decide against the

ghost town that boring old mom suggested and took

this way more fun to build idea.
Justin drew and Dallin colored as they laughed.

When all was said and done Dallin asked what if the principal

came into his class? I had to smile at that.

Dallin took this photo of Milo being done with the county fair

Me and my boys.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lauren's New Joke

Today Lu Lu looks up at me and says "I think it's funny that substitute has tute in it"
Followed by a lot of little girl giggles.
I guess having big brothers have left her with a good since
of potty talk. Needless to say I am one proud Mama.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Lil Bling Never Hurt Anyone

To recap on how Mike chipped his tooth!
3 yrs ago Justin and his dad took my boys and my nephew Jake
out to the forsaken land of the dugway geo beds. Yea what fun.
Justin saw the boys starting to throw rocks and he naturally told them
to stop and went off for a hike. Well boys being boys and all they didn't!!!!!!!
When Justin returned he returned to a son with half a tooth missing.
His cousin Jake had hit him square in the mouth with a rock.
The next Monday we went on into are Dentist Glen Zeh.
Glen put a filling on it and since there was only half a tooth it promptly fell right back off
So four fillings later and a couple of exrays, we were told to go and see Dr Jacobson because the tooth was damaged and he would need medican to help close in the roots. Lets just say I was ever so happy that this tooth wouldn't just let me be. So we headed off to Dr Jacobson and
3 more dr apt and a year and a half later the roots had finally healed
Mike then went thru a root canal, and to day Mike went and had his temp crown put on. THANK YOU ITS ALMOST OVER.
Mike the little stud he is asked for a GOLD CROWN and right there I wonder
maybe I shouldn't have rapped Baby Got Back to him as a toddler (which he still knows the words for) or introduced him to the legend that is Run DMC.
In 2 wks Mike gets his real life NON GOLD CROWN on and for now this trial is over!!!!!
Today I also had a photo session with these cute girls
and here is just a little look for their mom Jodi.
I must say they where a blast. So good.
Thanks Abbie, Maddie, and Gracie
In a couple of days I'll have more photos of them on
my other blog
I handed my camera over to my friend Megan so I could have a couple
pictures of me and Milo. For someone who says she's no good
at this hole picture taking thing, I think these are great.
and Megan they where even before photoshop.
So don't fight me on this. You rock
Thank you for these pictures I love them.

I just noticed that it is now past midnight so Happy First Day of Spring

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patricks Day, Some hopping Fun, and Shepards Pie Recipe

This morning I was feeling like a good mom.

I had green outfits for my kiddios.

I made green eggs and painted clovers on their toast.

Then I go and get Lauren up and tell her to wear the green outfit so she doesn't
get pinched.

She informs me your not allowed to pinch in Mrs Burton's class.

That she hates St Patricks day and she hates the outfit and not to talk to her

because she hates being talked to.

She then walks her pain little bottom into the kitchen and see the eggs and toast

As she is glaring at her food daring it to do anything other than just being food

and yells I hate St Patricks day and all she will eat is the toast.

After she snubs my green eggs and only eats her toast, I tell her to put her shoes

She gives me her best look of death and ever so unkindly reminds me

that no one is to speak to her and that she will not be wearing socks today.

Needless to say I am ever so thankful for school and Mrs Burton today.

She came home like a perfect little angel and I wonder if you can give midol to
a six year old and if you can how much?

The boys were great and Mike helped his scout leaders clean up.

He was also proud that he was the only one to finish building his bird house.

The ever so humble boy informed me "that he's not any faster then the other boys
he just has more experience using tools because he helps Grandpa Reynolds out
so much, is all"

So Happy St Patricks Day

I just felt like throwing in another new born picture of Milo

The kids had a blast jumping on the tramp after dinner and I loved taking pictures
of their fun.
I know what your thinking there's no way this girl can HATE St Patricks Day and
turn her cute Little nose up at my green eggs, I mean this
was only her third green outfit of the day.

Yet another picture of Dallin making a face.
You might remember it from here

I love how Dal is blurred and Lu Lu is in focus

I love Lu's black tights. Skinny lil legs.

Mike with his mad jumping skills and bird house building skills!

I like the vintage look here

I so remember this rad move from my childhood.

So tired!!!! Maybe they'll go right to bed tonight? What I can wish.

Here's our St Patricks Dinner of Shepard's Pie

And to quot Mike's joke in his best British voice
What is Shepard's pie its not a Shepard and its not a pie what
is a Shepard pie anyways, bum bum chi (that was supposed to be drum sounds)

Anyways here is the recipe.

Boil enough water to cover your potatoes. You know what I think
everyone knows how to make mashed potatoes and if you don't
call and I'll tell you how because come on everyone love a good mashed potato

So star your potatoes. Then dice 2 or 3 cloves garlic and 1 sm onion,

chop a handful or 2 of baby carrots (sorry I don't have time to was measuring stuff

so I use my hands. Ok I'll tell the truth, I just don't want to clean it)

next chop 1 zucchini. Add all of these to a pan that has been heated with a teaspoon or 2

of olive oil or any other good oil. When the onions are clear add 1lb of hamburger

and 2 chopped up celery stalks, also add seasonings. I use the meatloaf seasoning packets. Brown hamburger.

Next add a can of tomato soup (the normal small size can)
Let simmer while you finish your mash potatoes.

In a 9-13 pan layer meat then potatoes on top, then finish off with a hole heck

of a lot of cheddar cheese.

Place in a preheated oven @ 350 for about 45 min give or take.

I like to serve with some kind of bread. I mean you have to slop it up with something right.

Thanks and enjoy.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

In the end, the number of prayers we say may contribute to our happiness, but the number of prayers we answer may be of even greater importance. Let us open our eyes and see the heavy hearts, notice the loneliness and despair; let us feel the silent prayers of others around us, and let us be an instrument in the hands of the Lord to answer those prayers.
Elder Uchtdorf.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Beautiful and Bitter Cold Spring Morning

Me and Milo Head on down to Ponds Park to feed the ducks
with our wards play group.
That's right I take the 2 mth old to the play group.
Come on its mostly for the mom's anyway.
It was a blast and did I mention cold!!!
No well it was. I decided that its spring and I'm going to dress like it.
Yea flip flops maybe not the best choice.
Milo would of loved the ducks if you know he wasn't 2 mths old.
All the kids loved feeding the ducks and themselves.
There was a chorus of mom's saying "sweetie don't eat the bread its old."
Milo was so good and didn't eat any bread!!!!
This is Ab who also didn't eat any bread
Cute Eli

Ezra is a funny lil man, he told me all about the ducks and the pond.

Alysia, look at those eye lashes. I'm so jealous

Molly also with great lashes.

Some how I didn't get a good shot of Dylan. Sorry Cindy.
Mikell with her boys

Wild man Zach

Sweet Eric.

A group shot of Ezra, Cindy holding Dylan (this was the only picture I got of Dylan)

Eli and Jackie.

Thanks Jackie for planing this little cold outing.

See ya later


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another First For Milo, Aida and a Recipe

So Milo has had his very first cold at 2 mth :(.

Luckily its not that bad and not RSV

It totally breaks my heart to see him sick

Just look at this picture, how can that not break a mama's heart.

Jen and Craig Nybo have started doing one on one dates with their little ones.

And naturally I took their idea.

Lauren got to be first, not because she's daddy's little girl

but because Justin gets free tickets to the Viewmont High School play.

Who says marring a teacher has no perks.

So as You can guess Justin and Lauren went to see Aida last night

Lu loved it, she already had the sound track. Which meant she new all the songs already.

The highlights are they got sit next to Br Schroeder (who Lauren loves and he makes really good Animal sounds) and one of the leads in the play gave Lu a hug.

This kid kills me. She is such a hoot.

Here comes Addie with a mouth full of dental floss, who is telling me

that I am the funnest mom Lauren ever had.

The funnest part is that she then explained all the tricks on keeping dental floss

in your mouth while you walk or talk or play house.

Let me tell you it was way informentive.

I decided that I need to cook more.

As motivation to help me with this new lofty goal I decided I would post a

recipe with pictures (nothing motivates me like getting to take a few shots with my camera.)

I don't know how often I'll do it but I'm thinking I'll do a dinner

and a school lunch once a week.

I hate having to come up with ideas for school lunch so I'm hoping this will help.

This weeks Dinner is Stir fry.

Ok this is so simple and is perfect for a busy night. Like when Justin has scouts.

  • Start off by getting your Rice ready. Just follow the instructions on the bag.

  • Next cube 1lb of chicken (this can be really any kind of meat or skip this part and make it vegetarian) and saute until no longer pink.

  • Add a 1 lb bag of frozen stir fry veggies. can be fresh but frozen is a hole lot cheaper.

  • Add sauce of your choice. I really like the Very Very Teriyaki. It's all natural and for every TB spoon it is only around 35 calories, which I think is good for any sauce.

  • Then just serve over rice and enjoy.

This feeds my family. So that's 2 adults and 3 kids.

If you have any ???? leave a comment and I'll Answer as soon as I can.

Monday, March 9, 2009

A Few Things That are Super Lame

Ok so first off I really hate daylight saving.
Maybe when good old Ben Franklin came up with his idea of taking a hour from the winter and
giving it to summer you actually need it,
but this seems like a tradition that should just go away.
Lets just give or take a half hour and call it good.
Besides it make my kids major grumps for a week.
May Ben Franklin can come on over and get there super tired bottom's out of bed.

Well this doesn't bug me at all and I had a good laugh
Poor Milo has a big sister and that big sister loves pink.
Sorry little man this is just the beginning.
But this is really really lame!!!!!
Please no more snow its March lets have some rain.
I am fine with rain.
Again really, why?
Was so nice yesterday
Ok no more complaining its time for FHE.
See ya all later

Sunday, March 8, 2009

All of Justin's High Schools Dreams Have Come True

So first off me and Justin ran off to Sugar City Idaho and left our

kids minus Milo with Grandma Thompson. I know what your

thinking what in the world brought you guys all the way up to

Sugar City. Well you'll have to wait just a moment to find out,

because I came home to a sick little Lu Lu. Poor Lauren was so

sick and I swear we left her healthy. All she did was lay around

while the other kids went to Artic Cricle for ice cream cones. She

is still sick and missed church today. She wants to be better so

bad because school is tomorrow. I know strange child, her

brothers and every other child would be milking this to no end, but not Lauren. I almost think
she wishes she could live with the beautiful worlds best teacher Mrs Burton. My Poor Sickly Lauren. In are house being sick doesn't even save you from mom's camera.

So now on to Sugar City and all of Justin's dreams. My husband has been trying for awhile to talk me into getting dirt bikes and needless to say he finally won the debate with you know you'll get new boots right. My girlish eyes saw black leather knee highs and I was sold and then I realized that there not new designer boots but motocross boots. Oh well a new boot is still a new boot. This picture is of me and Milo waiting for Justin to tie up his bike. By the way Milo was perfect even when we were stranded for 2 hrs when we ran out of gas. A big thanks to AAA for their rescue. What a fun adventure.....

This is where we were stranded. It is blurry because I was shaking. It was FREEZING.

Justin and his new love.

Me, I know I know don't mess with me I'm extreme!

Mike just as in love with the bikes as his Dad.

Dallin and ditto..

Our Mama and Papa Bikes......

Thanks for checking in.
JustKemistry, our Family, Life and Love