Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Lil Bling Never Hurt Anyone

To recap on how Mike chipped his tooth!
3 yrs ago Justin and his dad took my boys and my nephew Jake
out to the forsaken land of the dugway geo beds. Yea what fun.
Justin saw the boys starting to throw rocks and he naturally told them
to stop and went off for a hike. Well boys being boys and all they didn't!!!!!!!
When Justin returned he returned to a son with half a tooth missing.
His cousin Jake had hit him square in the mouth with a rock.
The next Monday we went on into are Dentist Glen Zeh.
Glen put a filling on it and since there was only half a tooth it promptly fell right back off
So four fillings later and a couple of exrays, we were told to go and see Dr Jacobson because the tooth was damaged and he would need medican to help close in the roots. Lets just say I was ever so happy that this tooth wouldn't just let me be. So we headed off to Dr Jacobson and
3 more dr apt and a year and a half later the roots had finally healed
Mike then went thru a root canal, and to day Mike went and had his temp crown put on. THANK YOU ITS ALMOST OVER.
Mike the little stud he is asked for a GOLD CROWN and right there I wonder
maybe I shouldn't have rapped Baby Got Back to him as a toddler (which he still knows the words for) or introduced him to the legend that is Run DMC.
In 2 wks Mike gets his real life NON GOLD CROWN on and for now this trial is over!!!!!
Today I also had a photo session with these cute girls
and here is just a little look for their mom Jodi.
I must say they where a blast. So good.
Thanks Abbie, Maddie, and Gracie
In a couple of days I'll have more photos of them on
my other blog
I handed my camera over to my friend Megan so I could have a couple
pictures of me and Milo. For someone who says she's no good
at this hole picture taking thing, I think these are great.
and Megan they where even before photoshop.
So don't fight me on this. You rock
Thank you for these pictures I love them.

I just noticed that it is now past midnight so Happy First Day of Spring


meg said...

That Mikey, he's so funny!!
I am so surprised that any of those photos turned out! Yaya! Now you have a photo of you and little ol' him. And look at that cute little fat cheeked grin he has.

the mama monster said...

tooth injuries are my nightmare! thats rad that mike has such style. that last picute megan took is super cute. i tried to call you to let you know about the aquarium but something funky was going on with the phone. anyhow we are going at 11 tomorrow.

Jimmy said...

Mike Chipped his tooth?

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