Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another First For Milo, Aida and a Recipe

So Milo has had his very first cold at 2 mth :(.

Luckily its not that bad and not RSV

It totally breaks my heart to see him sick

Just look at this picture, how can that not break a mama's heart.

Jen and Craig Nybo have started doing one on one dates with their little ones.

And naturally I took their idea.

Lauren got to be first, not because she's daddy's little girl

but because Justin gets free tickets to the Viewmont High School play.

Who says marring a teacher has no perks.

So as You can guess Justin and Lauren went to see Aida last night

Lu loved it, she already had the sound track. Which meant she new all the songs already.

The highlights are they got sit next to Br Schroeder (who Lauren loves and he makes really good Animal sounds) and one of the leads in the play gave Lu a hug.

This kid kills me. She is such a hoot.

Here comes Addie with a mouth full of dental floss, who is telling me

that I am the funnest mom Lauren ever had.

The funnest part is that she then explained all the tricks on keeping dental floss

in your mouth while you walk or talk or play house.

Let me tell you it was way informentive.

I decided that I need to cook more.

As motivation to help me with this new lofty goal I decided I would post a

recipe with pictures (nothing motivates me like getting to take a few shots with my camera.)

I don't know how often I'll do it but I'm thinking I'll do a dinner

and a school lunch once a week.

I hate having to come up with ideas for school lunch so I'm hoping this will help.

This weeks Dinner is Stir fry.

Ok this is so simple and is perfect for a busy night. Like when Justin has scouts.

  • Start off by getting your Rice ready. Just follow the instructions on the bag.

  • Next cube 1lb of chicken (this can be really any kind of meat or skip this part and make it vegetarian) and saute until no longer pink.

  • Add a 1 lb bag of frozen stir fry veggies. can be fresh but frozen is a hole lot cheaper.

  • Add sauce of your choice. I really like the Very Very Teriyaki. It's all natural and for every TB spoon it is only around 35 calories, which I think is good for any sauce.

  • Then just serve over rice and enjoy.

This feeds my family. So that's 2 adults and 3 kids.

If you have any ???? leave a comment and I'll Answer as soon as I can.


Cindy said...

Oh, Milo looks so sad in that picture! Poor kid. Hope he feels better quickly! Russ has talked for a while about having one on one nights with each of the kids. Just hasn't done it yet. I really should remind him that he was going to do it. (But then he also talks about trying to get some couples together to do monthly dinner party things but doesn't do that, either.)

meg said...

Yum! I sure wish that I was invited over...:)

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