Monday, March 30, 2009

Milo is 3 Mths Today

I can not believe that it has already been 3 mths. Wow !!
He has already changed so much and it kinda makes me a
little sad to think that he is no longer that little thing I brought home from
the hospital. He started laughing on Friday and today
I was able to get him laughing so hard.
Naturally I wanted to share that with someone, so I packed him up
and brought him to Stephs and of coarse he wouldn't even give half a laugh.
Milo Joseph you are the best baby and I would like to thank you mostly
for bring a smile to my face every time I look in your lil face.
Also for sleeping all night long. That is so very very awesome!!!
There are more photos of little Milo man on

Since it doesn't feel anything like spring. Thank you very much
stupid Utah weather. I decided to post some photos I took
earlier last week of some of my flowers.
Hopefully they will bring even a smidgen of that
wonderful spring feeling to your day.
Snow Snow Go Away
and Don't come Again Until Next

As a side note all three of my big kids had
great report cards. Lauren naturally had all 4's
and Dallin and Mike both had mostly 4's and a few 3's.
Great job my little one's.
Oh by the way Dallin also got a 4 on his county report!!!
4's = A's and 3's = B's

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meg said...

Good job kids on your report cards!! Pretty pics of the flowers. Sure wish that we could see them under all this snow.

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