Monday, March 9, 2009

A Few Things That are Super Lame

Ok so first off I really hate daylight saving.
Maybe when good old Ben Franklin came up with his idea of taking a hour from the winter and
giving it to summer you actually need it,
but this seems like a tradition that should just go away.
Lets just give or take a half hour and call it good.
Besides it make my kids major grumps for a week.
May Ben Franklin can come on over and get there super tired bottom's out of bed.

Well this doesn't bug me at all and I had a good laugh
Poor Milo has a big sister and that big sister loves pink.
Sorry little man this is just the beginning.
But this is really really lame!!!!!
Please no more snow its March lets have some rain.
I am fine with rain.
Again really, why?
Was so nice yesterday
Ok no more complaining its time for FHE.
See ya all later


the mama monster said...

i agree. i hate daylight savings. nothing makes me grumpier. except when people call me when lost is on. i love those pictures of lauren and milo!

meg said...

I agree. Me no likey daylight savings. Tired and then I always feel like I am behind.

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