Friday, June 19, 2009


Be still my soul....
I would like to memorize my Milo just like this.
He has no worries, no cares.
I want to remember those long lashes
The puffer lips and the gumball cheeks.
Oh my last lil man, all of your first are also my last.
The last first laugh....
The last first roll over....
The last first kiss.....
The last first sitting up all by yourself...
I so look forward to all your first....
But it breaks my heart that they are all my last first.
So sad and happy for me....
I'll just enjoy the moment and enjoy you my last little man, Milo.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I took these pictures of the Salt Lake Temple on the day my good friends
the Jones were sealed for time and all eternity to each other and their three beautiful girls.

To learn more about that click on this link.

I have been having so many wonderful blessings in my life lately

that I wanted to give something back.

So here it is Anyone who would like one of these pictures of the temple can have one.

Feel free to copy them from here or send me a CD and I will burn them for you.

If you want email and I'll send them that way.

I am still learning all this computer stuff so if some one knows a way
that I can share these and still keep the quality please please let me know.


Monday, June 1, 2009

Milo + 5 mths = Cereal

That's right Milo is now 5 mths!!! Can you believe it???
I can't! Where oh where does time go?
5 mths means cereal. That's right one more first in my little mans life.

I was having so much fun feeding him and watching him make concerned little
faces that I totally burnt our dinner. I completely forgot
about the bacon on the grill outside.
I was so in the moment of rescoping cereal back into his mouth that
he promptly would spit back out, that I forgot all about the B in our BLT'S.
Sorry my 3 other children enjoy the LT's.
Oh that's right not one of you likes tomatoes and opt for
only bacon on your BLT'S.
So I guess you all get cereal as well!!!

Yea for me Mother of The Year.
Once again!!!!
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