Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Levi Huffacker Thompson

I would like to introduce the world to our little Levi.
Levi came into our lives and was gone in a flash.

I went in for my normal 16 wk appointment, hopeful and excited
to see if we were having a misses or a mister.
After losing one baby a few years ago I knew something was wrong right away.
there was no flash of color on the screen and no movement.
My Doctor who is amazing stiffened right up and I knew we had lost our baby.
I tell Justin and we try to round up our five little miracles amid phone
calls hoping to find out what we are having, to tell them (this was one of the hardest things).

The next day I send my husband to work, because I can handle this and would
rather he was home after I deliver for a couple day.  I go off
to the hospital by myself because I'm Strong and its only an ultrasound.
Well lets just say it was more then I could handle and was trying my
hardest to keep it together and I thought I was until the nice old man
sitting by me in the waiting room ask me if I was Ok and when
I responded yes and he just said you don't look like you are.
I am taking back and after they look around, their is nothing abnormal
with anything going on in my uterus.

I come home get Evie down for he nap, call Justin
to tell him I'm an idiot for thinking I was fine on my own.
Have lunch and have one of many tender mercies for the Lord.
Sitting just outside my kitchen window were to Doves.

I have never seen Doves in my yard, but their they were out there in the cold forming a heart.

Justin and my Dad give me a blessing and we take the kids to Justin's mom for the night.
We make it to the hospital and walk past the nursery, past a Happy dad with his new little girl.
I can till picture her in my mind perfect and beautiful a true blessing from a loving Heavenly Father.
Believe it or not but this also was a tender mercy, a reminder that she was a miracle and
our Levi is one also.

I get all setup and 7 hours later I delivered Levi, all 2 oz, 5 in of him, and I love him
and hold him and feel his spirit around us.  I'm not sad because I know he is mine and he is Justin
and we are a family and someday I will hug and hold and tell my Levi how much I love him, oh what a day that will be.  I tell my nurse this (who also is a tender mercy, because she is so much like my bff Jen, that I trust her and so grateful for her).

Here is where you all get to know how wonderful my Doctors is and how he also is a tender mercy.
After I had Levi all the other junk wasn't coming out.  So he ordered people around to get this or that and sat down in a chair and talked to us and shard his testimony and told us how he and his wife
20 years ago went threw all of this and when his alarm went of to wake up and it had been 3 and a half hours and finally everything was done and he headed off to his office to work.  He taught
me that people are way more important then sleep or schedules.

I was so afraid to leave and go home to go with out Levi and I didn't want to go.  Then a man came
from the mortuary and he came and got my little boys and left with him.  I still really don't like him, poor him who gets to have me not like him just because it was his job to come.  I slept after this and we had breakfast and then I had to leave I felt so panic and needed to be home right then. 

Thank you to all my family and friends who are their for my family, who brought dinner, who watched my kids and let me just talk.

I am so thankful to the Lord who has filled my sorrow with light and I am so thankful
to know and I mean know that families are forever.  I have felt my Levi and no one
can take that from me.  I am so thankful to a wonderful Savior, who came and died that
I might live and live I will and so will you.  I am thankful for all those who a kind and loving Heavenly Father has sent into my life.

Levi Huffacker Thompson
February 29th 2012

(I always wanted a leap year baby)

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