Thursday, January 28, 2010

I tumble for you!

First off I started a tumblr.
Second every time I think of my tumblr I also think
of Adam Sandler in Bill Madison
On the stairs dancing to the I tumble for
you song (I don't know the real name)
And so I sing it mostly in my head every time I head over to tumblr.
Here is why I decided to start a tumblr.
  • I can store all the random things I love. Like the photo above.
  • It is a nice way to stay organize
  • My friends Megan and Jackie both have one so I get to see all their great finds as well.

So far it is fast and fun and full of great ideas.

If you happen to also have a tumblr, I want to know and see so leave a comment.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Science Fair

This last week Dallin had his Science Fair.
Which he put off until 2 days before.
I know real nice. Lucky for his little life he came to me with an idea.
Which type of Popcorn has the
least old maids?????
Popcorn of course Dallin would chose
something that had to do with his favorite of
all food, popcorn.

I quickly made these to pixs for his poster.
Thank you photoshop.
He ate a million and a half bowls of popcorn
because you can't let something that tasty go to waste.
That would be unthinkable in the land of Dallin.
So after a couple stressful nights we were done and
the science fair kindly behind us for another year.
Just in case you care homemade popcorn averaged around only
7 old maids and the worst was western family which had around 20.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sneak Peak

Here is just a sneak peak into the craziness that
happens to be my life at the moment.
Enter at your own risk!!!!

Sneak peak at Milo and his little sister's bedding.
With the help from Megan, we appliqued these cute owls on
some dang cute fabric. They are now visiting Grandma Thompson
who is kindly quilting and binding them for me.

I am now entering my 33 week of hell. I mean
gestation. My mind hurts when I think that a little blessing
from above will be joining us in 7 short weeks.
I have to be honest that it has taken me a long time to
warm up to this little baby girl and I am
not prepared at all. I have bought very little and what I did buy
took a lot of effort to convince myself that I am indeed pregnant and
I can't bring this child home naked. Now how ever I find myself getting excited
and I feel grateful to Heavenly Father for entrusting me with another
loving little spirit. Now if I only new who she was and what
I should call her????????? I have never gone this long without
a name, and if your around me at all you know how much this really and I
mean really bugs me. So if you leave a comment leave a name as well.

Last but not least, Milo and his hair.
My family (mom) thinks he needs a hair cut
that he looks like a little girl and that it is
high time that he looks like a little boy. I
hate the idea of cutting his locks but now
6 people have told me I have the cutest little girl and
how pretty she is and what a good little walker she is.
To which I say.
Um he is caring a ball, growling at a dinosaur and dressed like a boy!!!!

Stay tuned for Milo's first haircut and me crying like a baby at
his first haircut.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Roy Shop Find

First off I feel kinda bad because I hate going to Roy.
I don't know if its because the traffic makes me want to scream,
or the fact that my Dad was an Air Force man and
when I was in 3rd grade he got transferred from
Washington to Utah and we spent what felt like
an eternity in a little hotel in Roy.
It was dark and little and we couldn't play outside
because it wasn't safe. The run down hotel is still there
next to Burger Bar. Ah Burger Bar one of the things
that entice me to visit Roy the other is Lucky China.
I know but I really like food.
Anyways back to my Roy find and another reason
to visit Roy. I saw this store with all this cute furniture
the last time me and Justin ate at Lucky China.
I still wasn't very excited to go and explore because of the
above reason. Anyway last Friday I was in Riverdale
after Milo's Dr apt and decided to go and venture to Roy.
After screaming at the traffic I found my
Diamond in the ruff!!!!

I love this and if I had a bigger bedroom it would
now live with me.

The lady (who was totally nice and let me take pixs to blog with)
has refurbish all kinds of furniture.
Love this hutch.

For some reason I am truly loving birds right now,
that and pops of red.

This cute doggy that was hanging out in the store was
Milo's favorite part.
So I now must say sorry to Roy for old hurt feelings.
I now have a desire to see what else you hold.
I am sure that you will see me exploring more and more.
To visit Recreations, simply take the Roy exit
head towards main street and turn right at said light
the store is right after Walgreens.
Also if you have boys the Air Force museum is right there.

Friday, January 8, 2010

First Week of Twenty Ten

  • Monday

Kids back at school + Husband back to work= Ikea

My dear friend Megan and I couldn't wait to

get ourselves to the Ikea sale and took the first chance we had.

We both bought baskets, super cute cups and plastic tubs.
On top of that I bought an add on to Milo's train set,
and Megan got herself some yummy Swedish Fish.
We of course had lunch!

Ikea is not for the faint of heart!
  • Tuesday

Mike's last Dr apt. for his broken finger.

So So So happy it healed up great all on its own and there

was no need for surgery.

Also this Tuesday was Pack meeting for Mike's scouts.
Um yeah lets just say what a fun night!!!
I so look forward to it and can hardly stand the fact that
it is only one night a month!!!
(please note the sarcasm).
  • Wednesday

Dallin's Geography Bee!!!!

Dallin did great and I think you can tell that it started

at 7:30 am by poor Dallin's glossed over look.

Lets just say I think we all had this look.

  • Thursday

Lunch with friends at McDonald's.

Dallin got the first three Fablehavens for Christmas

and Thursday night I finished book #2

  • Friday

Milo's 12 mth well-child check up.

First off I have the worlds best pediatrician.

I can't believe how lucky I got when I found him.

I must also amit that I choose him because I liked

his name Dr King Hom. He is wonderful, especially if

you have a child with Asthma and lets just say that when

Dallin was a little man we saw Dr Hom weekly .

Ok back to Mr Milo.

You would have thought he was on a sugar high. He ran around that

Dr office like he was on speed! Tried to steal everything Dr Hom

put in front of him. Milo doesn't believe in stranger danger.

He Weighed in at 20 lbs and is almost 30 inches.

That's the 14% for weight and 46% for height.

This was the look I got when I put him in his car seat!

and this is why. In my hurry to be able to comfort him

after his shots I sorta didn't realise that I had shoved both legs
into one leg hole. Sorry Lo.

P.S. I also found a great store today (not to worry there will be a post
shortly about it) and also those big baskets from Ikea were normally $35
on sale for $9.99.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mi1o turns 1

That's right my baby is now one!!!!!
I have no idea how this could already be,
yesterday I swear I just brought him home
from the hospital and today he is running and jumping
(I don't know if you can call it jumping when his feet never leave the floor).
He can say dad, ball and if he is mad mama!!!
I get told no at least once a day now.
Mr smarty pants can go up or down the stairs.
How can my baby be one?
Once I faced facts and got one with planning the
big #1 birthday part we all had a blast!
The theme was M for Monster Milo!
I made him a monster birthday shirt.
(a tutorial will becoming soon)
A monster cake.
(also a tutorial will soon becoming)

We had my parents over for dinner.
I made yummy fajitas because he is one
and can't veto my pregnant cravings with pizza
like his older siblings. In fact Dallin asked why
we weren't having pizza (because its not
your birthday and I watch throw down with Bobby Flay so now I really wanted fajitas)
Justin's parents sadly weren't able to come.
He loved all of his presents and I loved him!!!!
I am so grateful to be blessed with this little man.
I couldn't ask for a better baby, he is happy and loving.
So easy going and quick to laugh.
Thank you baby Milo.
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