Monday, January 11, 2010

Roy Shop Find

First off I feel kinda bad because I hate going to Roy.
I don't know if its because the traffic makes me want to scream,
or the fact that my Dad was an Air Force man and
when I was in 3rd grade he got transferred from
Washington to Utah and we spent what felt like
an eternity in a little hotel in Roy.
It was dark and little and we couldn't play outside
because it wasn't safe. The run down hotel is still there
next to Burger Bar. Ah Burger Bar one of the things
that entice me to visit Roy the other is Lucky China.
I know but I really like food.
Anyways back to my Roy find and another reason
to visit Roy. I saw this store with all this cute furniture
the last time me and Justin ate at Lucky China.
I still wasn't very excited to go and explore because of the
above reason. Anyway last Friday I was in Riverdale
after Milo's Dr apt and decided to go and venture to Roy.
After screaming at the traffic I found my
Diamond in the ruff!!!!

I love this and if I had a bigger bedroom it would
now live with me.

The lady (who was totally nice and let me take pixs to blog with)
has refurbish all kinds of furniture.
Love this hutch.

For some reason I am truly loving birds right now,
that and pops of red.

This cute doggy that was hanging out in the store was
Milo's favorite part.
So I now must say sorry to Roy for old hurt feelings.
I now have a desire to see what else you hold.
I am sure that you will see me exploring more and more.
To visit Recreations, simply take the Roy exit
head towards main street and turn right at said light
the store is right after Walgreens.
Also if you have boys the Air Force museum is right there.


the mama monster said...

let us go forth and shop!

S and E Frazier said...

I'm in love already! That chandelier is fabulous! My sis-in-law and I were actually consigners at the General Store on Gentile and Main in Layton (don't know if you've heard of it, but it's the same idea). Due to time constraints and cold weather, we pulled out for a while, but maybe I'll go check out this shop too! Thanks for the hot tip!

Anonymous said...
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Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

Ooooo....I wanna go there!

The Elmers said...

I wanna go there too! Oh my gosh, that is the best store ever!!!

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