Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Goodbye 2013.
Hello 2014!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

WOW its already December!

Last Monday night for Family Home Evening,
we put up the tree and decorated it.
Lets say it was fun!!!!

My boy's still haven't forgiven me for getting rid of our huge tree and most of our Christmas  ornaments.   Instead we have a tree that lies about its height.  Give it up we all know your not 6 ft.
My friend Megan found this tree the year I went crazy and got rid of everything for $2.50 

This year when we went to grab our Christmas box out of the storage room it was crushed.
Most of the ornaments where smashed (lucky not the ornament we got for Levi last year).

Milo and Evie had a major melt down and had to sit in there rooms.
As I walked out of their room Milo in the saddest little voice says "but we're missing Christmas".
Once they were all calmed down we ran to Dollar Tree to replace the smashed ornaments.

So 95% of our tree cost us less then $2.50.
We're super awesome like that.

Our tree is so amazing that Evie said "it's so beautiful, its breaking my heart".

I think she was referencing the row of blobs all clump together.

I love our little tree and my amazing family and the fact that we get to reflect on the birth of our Savior.

Love this time of year.
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