Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shower, Eagle, and a Potty Party

I just returned from my cousin Kristy's bridal shower. Me and my sister Jennell head on down to SLC for it, and I had a blast hang out with Jennell. We don't get to get out just us very often, so it was nice. Kristy seemed like every new bride, totally in love. This was a belated shower Kristy and Dia were married on Feb 7th.
Yesterday I went to Farmington Bay Bird refuge to see the eagles with the boy scouts and my two scouts Dallin and Mike. I took some pictures but there in a raw format and I am still learning how to use raw so there are no pic that I can upload at the moment to show you. None the less I think the boys had fun and we are going to back as a family soon.
After the bird outing me and Justin had A Night With a Elder Cook. With Justin job (seminary teacher) every February they chose a general authority to address the teachers and give console. It was a such a great talk and a great night. With Elder Cook being a newer member of the 12 it was nice to get to know him. Then we went home and changed(who wants to stay in a dress all night) and went out to dinner. We had a gift certificate to Red Robin so that's where we headed off to. It was so nice to get out with Justin, who by the way is doing great thank you very much!!! With a new baby we aren't out as much as we usually are and Milo was great all night. Justin's mom watched the other three kids and had all of her grand kids over for Shelby's potty party. So congrats Shelby on being a big girl and using the potty. They made a cake that looked like a potty and it was fun had by all. I mean who doesn't want to eat a cake shaped like a toilet????
Thanks for checking in. Kem

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2 mths Say What

So Milo had his 2 mth check up. Wow where does time go???? So just in case anyone cares and because I do, he is now 10lbs and 23 3/4 inch long. I cant believe how much he has changed already, he smiles all the time and Love's to talk to who ever is around. In the pictures below he is talking up a storm to Lu Lu. He had three shots today (so sad) :(. He is in the 50% for his head and weight and in the 75% for his height, not that I'm counting on him to stay in this % because his brothers sure didn't, they slowly went down until at around 18 mths their in the 5-10% and then the little midgets start going back up and both are pretty ave now. I can not even tell how much fun he has been. His brothers and sister just can't get enough of little Low Low. The 6yr wait was well worth it and we wouldn't change a thing.
Dallin had a field trip today to the Davis conference center. I have no idea how it went because he ran in and ran back out to play civil war with Jake. I wonder who is the North and who is the South? Anyway go Yankies. Mike is back at school today after having the flu. I think he could have gone yesterday but he put on a good performance before school. And the Oscar goes to Mike, that kid can acted. If your ever around him ask him too act out the scene in Star Wars with the Emperor, Darth Vader and Luke(its a good laugh).
Lauren has moved on to her forth outfit today and that is saying a lot since she had kindergarten(outfit #1), then we left right to Dr Hom's (outfit #2) and in the hour since we have been home see has changed twice. All in all an average day for Lu Lu.

As a side note I have the best ped. If you are looking for one give Dr Hom a try. I can honestly say that I chose him because his name made me smile. Come on Dr King Hom would make anyone smile. I sure did luck out. I found him when we were going thru all the asthma issues with Dallin and he did what 3 other drs couldn't, he got Dal under control and my kids all love him. His bedside manner with them is awesome.

Update on Justin,
Today was a little bit better and we are very thankful because we have had a lot of people tell us that it took them more than a mth to feel better.
Thanks for checking in Kem

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yummie Denny's

So today is national pancake day or other wise know as NPD and since it was NPD Ihop was giving away free pancakes and asking for donations to go to charity. I don't remember which one but if you really want to know click on the Go Green link(Cindy tells which one in her post). It is because of Cindy that I even know there is such a thing as NPD. So me and Megan where talking about our dinner woes and what to turn the hamburger into that was thawing in my kitchen, when three neighbors all drove by to tell us that Ihop had free pancakes today. Well naturally that seemed the answer to all are dinner strife. Then we thought of all the people who must be at Ihop and since today was kids eat free at Denny's and since her husband was off at work and mine was in bed(thank you very much vertigo), Denny's it was... Maybe we should of thought about taking 3 boy 2 girls 1 toddler and a 2mth old to Denny's but it never crossed our minds well at least not mine. All would have been fine if it hadn't been slower then slow and if are food didn't take almost 40 min to come out(that is a lot of hungry kids having to wait along time). All in all I would do it again the kids had a blast and the few words me and Megan actually got out before one of the Little ones need help or to be told to be quit was a lot of fun. So I guess I'm saying it was a good NPD and this from some one who doesn't even like pancakes to start with.

Here's a Justin update:
Justin was back at work today. Yea!!!! He came home after his last class of the day completely spent and with a fever... As of right now his fever is gone, but he still worse for the wear. If anyone has had this and has any idea how long this will last please leave a comment.

Thanks Kem

Monday, February 23, 2009

To south beach or not to south beach

Meet my new Lens... I am so happy, so I had clothing money from Christmas that I was saving for my post prego belly, but I decided to buy this Lens instead. Its a 50 mm 1.8 and will be perfect for some up coming shots I have. I cant wait to play with it.

So on to other things, I have decided it is time to get back to my pre pergo form and I am trying to decide if I should south beach it or just start a work out routine and eat what I want well not everything I want(I'm not twenty anymore). I am pretty sure that I am I'll south beach it for the next 2 wks just to get the wait loss started, and go from there.

Justin is still off work today thanks to his lovely case of vertigo but thinks he'll be going back tomarrow.. So yippee

Until next time Kem

Friday, February 20, 2009

A Grandparents wish and Birthday bowling with the Inlaws

So my dad called me up and very nicely informed me that however nice my slightly less plane like vanilla ice cream dinning room looked, that he and my mom log on to see their grandchildren. Since they are in sunny California and I am stuck in a foot of snow in Utah, I decided I would post pictures of my new bedroom mirror, but then I remembered that really where good parents and that my dad did just do are taxes that allowed for my slightly less plane like vanilla ice cream dinning room makeover.... So here you go Mom and Dad your Grand kids feet. JK scroll on down....

My husband family has four birthdays in February. My mother in law usually makes a great dinner and we hang out and talk fun for all.. This year she decided to spice things up with a trip to the bowling alley. We had a blast and I can say I won a game and also almost broke a 100... What can I say we are great bowlers, well at least we are on the Wii. Enjoy the pictures below.



This is me rocking out a strike

Dallin my oldest hiding from mom's camera

and if he's not hiding, he has to make a face...

I have a few pictures just like this, just change the back ground.

Grandma also has a fare few pictures of his dad just like this as well. Like father like son

Next comes Mike.. Mike had 3 or 4 strikes!!!

This him begging me to hand over my camera and let him take over.

Um I think his 3 or 4 strikes made him a little delusional

Third is Lauren. Who often refers to herself as boy trapped, poor thing.

She would jump up and down after each time she bowled (or I bowled)

and make a high pitched Yippee.. Being boy trapped has not made her less of a girl

She is good at being a girl she is the only one we need.

Baby Milo.

Just so you know his hair is not blond and is actually really dark..

I don't know why it photographed so light. I must of over exposed.

We start them early.

Grandpa and Grandma

One of the birthday girls Aunt Amy!

Justin's brother Chad, his wife Robin, their awesome boys Jake and Xander

Justin's other brother Brandon, his wife Christine and their super funny kids Elisha and Eli...

Justin sister Mindy, her husband Johnny and their three beautiful girls

Sam, Shelby and baby Kera.

Here's a update on Justin and his vertigo. His nausea has finally gone away, but the room still spins when ever he moves, so as of right now he is still on the couch... It has been a hard week, this has to be the sickest he has ever been well at least in the 12 yrs that I have know him(wow has it really been 12yrs) I cant account for the 23 years where we didn't yet know and love each other. Also I would like to thank everyone who has prayed for him and also Russ and Jake for there blessing. You are two awesome guys.

This was suppose to be my Saturday post but Milo decided that he need me more than I needed to post and how can you not give that little man what he wants? So since it is Sunday I decided that on Sundays I would post something up lifting and since I just decided this, I am going to make a small list of what I am thankful for.

  • First off I am so thankful to a loving Heavenly Father and for my Savior
  • My husband Justin
  • My four kiddios Dallin, Mike, Lauren and Milo
  • My parents and Justin's parents
  • All the rest of are families, to many to name by name right now
  • For the gift of Faith
  • And last but not least for my wonderful Friends, also to many to name right now(which is another thing to be thankful for)

With love Kem

P.S. if your wonder why there are no bowling pictures of Justin he was to sick to come.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Taxes Ikea and Vertigo

Since I am new to the blog scene here's a recap of the past week or so. Frist off Taxes, OH YA are tax return came in which leads right into Ikea.
I decided to take some of that tax return to ikea with me and like a crazy woman I also brought my four little ones. Which I think I should add that I went on Pres day along with everyone else in Utah. My kiddios were perfect and got an A+ that day. So why did I brave Ikea with no husband in sight. Why you ask because I felt I needed to had some jest to my dinning room(which was nice but kinda plane like vanilla ice cream).
Below are some before and after pics tell me what you think. as a side note these are some of my first pictures that I took in all Manual and I would like to take a moment to thank Steph for all her help in getting me to this point.

I found the shelf at target and best of all it was 75% off...... I love the grey.
Also I am going to paint my table this spring so if you have any ideas of colors please fell free to let me know.

Before After

I decided that my home needed some plant life and since I am such a great Gardner, the always hard to grow cactus won out... I let my kids each pick out their own. So here are pictures of are family of cactus... From the left... Of course Lauren had to have a pink cactus, next comes Justin's than Milo's, Dallin's, Mine which said it was a cactus even if its not your typical one, and last is Mike's.....
This project worked in perfectly with the Nesters I did it in 10 minutes party she is having today.

Now on to the Vertigo
So Justin went snowboarding on Monday (which was why he wasn't at Ikea) and came home not doing so hot.. At first we thought it was his old age, but soon realized that it was getting worse. Tuesday he was in bed all day he felt dizzy and had nausea. I asked him a couple of times if he and hit his head and he kept saying no, so I asked are you sure you just don't remember hitting your head and he said no Kem... So on Wednesday we went to the DR and I was sure he had a brain tumor and was going to die and leave me with four kids all alone, so when the DR came out in the lobby to get me I thought the worse (why would he need me). Oh he would need me because they were giving him a shot which would cause him to sleep the rest of the night. Yea he had vertigo I know people still get it who knew.... Well today he is still on the couch, so here's wishing luck for Friday... I think I'm going to rent the movie Vertigo and make fun of my husband as he tries to walk down are hall....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Milo Joseph Thompson born Dec 30th

Milo is around a month here. This what he looks like after his bath

He is two whopping weeks in the pictures below

Don't you just want to kiss those lips

We call this his cheerio mouth

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