Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shower, Eagle, and a Potty Party

I just returned from my cousin Kristy's bridal shower. Me and my sister Jennell head on down to SLC for it, and I had a blast hang out with Jennell. We don't get to get out just us very often, so it was nice. Kristy seemed like every new bride, totally in love. This was a belated shower Kristy and Dia were married on Feb 7th.
Yesterday I went to Farmington Bay Bird refuge to see the eagles with the boy scouts and my two scouts Dallin and Mike. I took some pictures but there in a raw format and I am still learning how to use raw so there are no pic that I can upload at the moment to show you. None the less I think the boys had fun and we are going to back as a family soon.
After the bird outing me and Justin had A Night With a Elder Cook. With Justin job (seminary teacher) every February they chose a general authority to address the teachers and give console. It was a such a great talk and a great night. With Elder Cook being a newer member of the 12 it was nice to get to know him. Then we went home and changed(who wants to stay in a dress all night) and went out to dinner. We had a gift certificate to Red Robin so that's where we headed off to. It was so nice to get out with Justin, who by the way is doing great thank you very much!!! With a new baby we aren't out as much as we usually are and Milo was great all night. Justin's mom watched the other three kids and had all of her grand kids over for Shelby's potty party. So congrats Shelby on being a big girl and using the potty. They made a cake that looked like a potty and it was fun had by all. I mean who doesn't want to eat a cake shaped like a toilet????
Thanks for checking in. Kem


Steph said...

I will eat a cake in the shape of anything. Bring it on! Love that pic of Lu-Lu at the train station by the way.

meg said...

Hmm....maybe those cookies I ate last night should of been shaped like a toilet. Than I wouldn't of eaten them.

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