Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2 mths Say What

So Milo had his 2 mth check up. Wow where does time go???? So just in case anyone cares and because I do, he is now 10lbs and 23 3/4 inch long. I cant believe how much he has changed already, he smiles all the time and Love's to talk to who ever is around. In the pictures below he is talking up a storm to Lu Lu. He had three shots today (so sad) :(. He is in the 50% for his head and weight and in the 75% for his height, not that I'm counting on him to stay in this % because his brothers sure didn't, they slowly went down until at around 18 mths their in the 5-10% and then the little midgets start going back up and both are pretty ave now. I can not even tell how much fun he has been. His brothers and sister just can't get enough of little Low Low. The 6yr wait was well worth it and we wouldn't change a thing.
Dallin had a field trip today to the Davis conference center. I have no idea how it went because he ran in and ran back out to play civil war with Jake. I wonder who is the North and who is the South? Anyway go Yankies. Mike is back at school today after having the flu. I think he could have gone yesterday but he put on a good performance before school. And the Oscar goes to Mike, that kid can acted. If your ever around him ask him too act out the scene in Star Wars with the Emperor, Darth Vader and Luke(its a good laugh).
Lauren has moved on to her forth outfit today and that is saying a lot since she had kindergarten(outfit #1), then we left right to Dr Hom's (outfit #2) and in the hour since we have been home see has changed twice. All in all an average day for Lu Lu.

As a side note I have the best ped. If you are looking for one give Dr Hom a try. I can honestly say that I chose him because his name made me smile. Come on Dr King Hom would make anyone smile. I sure did luck out. I found him when we were going thru all the asthma issues with Dallin and he did what 3 other drs couldn't, he got Dal under control and my kids all love him. His bedside manner with them is awesome.

Update on Justin,
Today was a little bit better and we are very thankful because we have had a lot of people tell us that it took them more than a mth to feel better.
Thanks for checking in Kem

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meg said...

Lo-lo looks so cute talking to little Lu-lu. I knew he was getting fatter. I think that he put the weight on in his cheeks. Cute little Lo. "Lo-lo. Bebe. Hold it." No one will get that unless they know Sammy.

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