Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yummie Denny's

So today is national pancake day or other wise know as NPD and since it was NPD Ihop was giving away free pancakes and asking for donations to go to charity. I don't remember which one but if you really want to know click on the Go Green link(Cindy tells which one in her post). It is because of Cindy that I even know there is such a thing as NPD. So me and Megan where talking about our dinner woes and what to turn the hamburger into that was thawing in my kitchen, when three neighbors all drove by to tell us that Ihop had free pancakes today. Well naturally that seemed the answer to all are dinner strife. Then we thought of all the people who must be at Ihop and since today was kids eat free at Denny's and since her husband was off at work and mine was in bed(thank you very much vertigo), Denny's it was... Maybe we should of thought about taking 3 boy 2 girls 1 toddler and a 2mth old to Denny's but it never crossed our minds well at least not mine. All would have been fine if it hadn't been slower then slow and if are food didn't take almost 40 min to come out(that is a lot of hungry kids having to wait along time). All in all I would do it again the kids had a blast and the few words me and Megan actually got out before one of the Little ones need help or to be told to be quit was a lot of fun. So I guess I'm saying it was a good NPD and this from some one who doesn't even like pancakes to start with.

Here's a Justin update:
Justin was back at work today. Yea!!!! He came home after his last class of the day completely spent and with a fever... As of right now his fever is gone, but he still worse for the wear. If anyone has had this and has any idea how long this will last please leave a comment.

Thanks Kem


meg said...

I am still recovering! Phew!

Cindy said...

Sounds like you two had fun! Glad I could help you decide what to do for dinner. ;)

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