Friday, February 20, 2009

A Grandparents wish and Birthday bowling with the Inlaws

So my dad called me up and very nicely informed me that however nice my slightly less plane like vanilla ice cream dinning room looked, that he and my mom log on to see their grandchildren. Since they are in sunny California and I am stuck in a foot of snow in Utah, I decided I would post pictures of my new bedroom mirror, but then I remembered that really where good parents and that my dad did just do are taxes that allowed for my slightly less plane like vanilla ice cream dinning room makeover.... So here you go Mom and Dad your Grand kids feet. JK scroll on down....

My husband family has four birthdays in February. My mother in law usually makes a great dinner and we hang out and talk fun for all.. This year she decided to spice things up with a trip to the bowling alley. We had a blast and I can say I won a game and also almost broke a 100... What can I say we are great bowlers, well at least we are on the Wii. Enjoy the pictures below.



This is me rocking out a strike

Dallin my oldest hiding from mom's camera

and if he's not hiding, he has to make a face...

I have a few pictures just like this, just change the back ground.

Grandma also has a fare few pictures of his dad just like this as well. Like father like son

Next comes Mike.. Mike had 3 or 4 strikes!!!

This him begging me to hand over my camera and let him take over.

Um I think his 3 or 4 strikes made him a little delusional

Third is Lauren. Who often refers to herself as boy trapped, poor thing.

She would jump up and down after each time she bowled (or I bowled)

and make a high pitched Yippee.. Being boy trapped has not made her less of a girl

She is good at being a girl she is the only one we need.

Baby Milo.

Just so you know his hair is not blond and is actually really dark..

I don't know why it photographed so light. I must of over exposed.

We start them early.

Grandpa and Grandma

One of the birthday girls Aunt Amy!

Justin's brother Chad, his wife Robin, their awesome boys Jake and Xander

Justin's other brother Brandon, his wife Christine and their super funny kids Elisha and Eli...

Justin sister Mindy, her husband Johnny and their three beautiful girls

Sam, Shelby and baby Kera.

Here's a update on Justin and his vertigo. His nausea has finally gone away, but the room still spins when ever he moves, so as of right now he is still on the couch... It has been a hard week, this has to be the sickest he has ever been well at least in the 12 yrs that I have know him(wow has it really been 12yrs) I cant account for the 23 years where we didn't yet know and love each other. Also I would like to thank everyone who has prayed for him and also Russ and Jake for there blessing. You are two awesome guys.

This was suppose to be my Saturday post but Milo decided that he need me more than I needed to post and how can you not give that little man what he wants? So since it is Sunday I decided that on Sundays I would post something up lifting and since I just decided this, I am going to make a small list of what I am thankful for.

  • First off I am so thankful to a loving Heavenly Father and for my Savior
  • My husband Justin
  • My four kiddios Dallin, Mike, Lauren and Milo
  • My parents and Justin's parents
  • All the rest of are families, to many to name by name right now
  • For the gift of Faith
  • And last but not least for my wonderful Friends, also to many to name right now(which is another thing to be thankful for)

With love Kem

P.S. if your wonder why there are no bowling pictures of Justin he was to sick to come.

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meg said...

How funny that you bowled with Milo. Hardy, har. The photos look fun! Good job!

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