Monday, December 28, 2009


Christmas morning came and our 4 little ones
were more then happy with Santa and what he brought for them.
But this post is titled regret and here is why!!!!
I handed my super fly husband my camera and said hold this
while I go and get a quick drink of water.
I return from the kitchen and we open presents and
their is joy and laughter by all. Well
almost by all for their is a lonely cry and a tear
from my camera as it lays forgotten beside my husband.
So my regret is that I did not capture one
Christmas morning smile. I wish I could
blame my super fly husband for not taking pictures
but for the past 12 years this has been my job!!!!
and I sadly now have to live with regret!!!!
I think that I will blame my pregnant brain, or that I
didn't have enough sleep or maybe a south poll elf
hide my camera and then sat there and laughed as
my camera cried out but no one heard because of all the
Christmas joy and laughter!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas Silhouttes Tutorial

This year I decided to make silhouettes of my kids
for Grandparent gifts,
and as a Christmas gift to all of you
here is a very easy tutorial.
First off hang a white sheet over a bright window.
Next take a side view photo of your child in front of the window.
Here is Milo's.

Next in photoshop make it a black and white.

Then bump up the contrast all the way and bump down

the red, green and blue until the person is completely black.

I found newspaper worked best for this.

Now you can be done if your ok with the grey background.
If not use your lasso set at 50% feather and lasso
everything but the person. After that go to layer, then new
and select new layer via copy. Chose a color ( I stuck with good old white)
click your paint bucket and fill in the lasso area.
Their you have it!!! Crazy easy!!!

If you have any ?????? let me know.





Baby Girl Thompson
Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


My Dearest Friend,
I know that we have never meet and don't even know
each others name, but all the same I feel
that you should be one of my closest friends.
Anyone with the talent and craftiness to create
my new favorite way to adorn my head
should be and deserves to be a friend.

So friend here I am at a cross roads, and it is all because of you!

For I now realise why I should knit and somehow the

power still avoids me. I want to find someones Grandma

and have her show me all that I have missed in this world.

Or ask my Mother why she never learned and chose not to teach

her children, but alas it will not do to blame my Mother

for my lack of knowledge. So here we are and I

now have my first New Years Resolution.

I will learn to knit in 2010!!!!!

Thank you for the desire and for sharing your talent

in the form of my headband.

Your Friend


Friday, December 11, 2009

Advent Calender and DI finds

When I found these tins at Dollar Tree, I knew that they
must become my advent calender!!!!!
That was the easy part next came finding the perfect
paper and numbers which still wasn't the hard part!!!!!
The hard part was what to turn them into?
I could make them a Christmas tree or maybe I could
hang them from a ribbon and make them into a banner
Oh wait a minute I know I could put them on a magnet board?
Nothing seemed right until I decided to make them ornaments for
my tree and here they are!!!
My Advent Calender Ornaments

What can I say I love them. How about you?

Now on to my D.I. finds!!!!

Love that store. First off I found this amazing vintage record

I really want to turn it into something spectacular, but I'm not sure just what. Any ideas???

Then came Mr Cookie Man.
How could I say no to him with all his vintage glory and Honor?
Nope had to have him, partly because he was only $2.50.
I also found this clock which will find a home in my boy's room,
as soon as their father is done framing and dry walling and carpeting it!

Last but not least Baby girl boots!!!!
Megan found these while we where at the D.I.
together and we both agreed that baby girl Thompson
needed these for when she left the womb and joined the world.
If I was her these fluffy white boots would convince me to leave the womb like
I don't know a week or two early. Wishful thinking.

P.S. If you are still looking for that perfect Christmas present take a gander at Megan's
tassells. She is super talented and I am amazed at her creations. Someone said that tassel making is more any art then a craft and I fully agree. Go and get yourself a unique one of a kind piece of art.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just Some Randomness

To start off this random post. I post a random ??? is randomness
a word? Just asking.
Now on to one random post.
Last night me, Megan and that mad Mama Monster
Jackie head on down to Kaysville theater to see
Julie and Julia

This is my ever so wanted and highly waited for review.

It made me hungry!!!!

I know very thought out, but it did and not just hungry but hungry for burscheta (not sure I spelled that right).

So after I am done with this post I will be eating some. Oh and just so you know all three

of us gals thought that it was long but that might be because it was, but also because we went to the 9:30 pm show and I am a old pregnant lady and that Meg and Jackie O have been crafty into the wee hours of the morning.

Lucky for us I just happened to have brought these yummy
candy cane truffles from Food of the Gods Chocolate, which went well
with our popcorn. I am loving my deal with the creator of this
amazing chocolate!!! He gets my mad photography skills and I
get to gain even more weight because of his mad chocolate skills!!!

Before the show Justin had his work party, where Milo had

cherry cheese cake for the first time which I am sure you can tell he loves!!

Santa on the other hand, not so much! The candy cane Santa gave him was a big hit!

Now for the last of my random post. This is what I beheld this morning.

I wish the snow would have realised that it was grocery day and that it really
should have been done by the time I had to leave and maybe it could have saved it self for
a day when I could cuddle up in my blanket with a book and hot coco but nope. So thank you snow for choosing the day that I had a billion things to do!!!!!
A few things to look forward to.
  • My advent calender
  • One Amazing master bedroom make over
  • Home made stockings
  • Pictures and some more Pictures

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What's cooking?

Just wondering what's on your menu this
fabulous Thanksgiving?
And just because I know you want to
know what I'm cooking up here's my
Thanksgiving menu.
Walnut and pear salad. This salad is so dang good.
It has blue cheese and a tangy vinaigrette.
The only thing I change from this recipe is I use strawberries instead of
the bell peppers, I cook the walnuts for less time and I only use about
half the dressing. Other then that everything is the same.
Brussels sprouts with bacon and cransaines!!!
this is something I only make once in awhile and is so very very good that I always
look forward to Thanksgiving just for a reason to indulge. This is so simple
Fry up your bacon, cut the sprouts in half and add to pan. add some salt and pepper. at the very last add those cransaines and cook just
till they are warm. I also use apples sometimes instead of the cransaines.
Rolls!!! and Mash potatoes!!!! I just have one or maybe
two things to say about are friend the mash potatoe. Think of milk as the
Republican party and be conservative with your amount but on the left we have
our Democratic friends salt and butter. Which I feel should be liberally used.
Just saying. Also my friend the Mama Monster gave me this great idea, add
a teaspoon or 2 of apple cider vinegar and your potatoes just pop a little more.
I will for sure be trying out this.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Happy Halloween!!!!! We had a blast!!!!

Motocross Dallin. This was the first year that

he ditched us for friends. So sad, but what are you to do?

Dr Mike. Yes that's Mike with no shoes.
What Dr wear shoes or something?

Lauren and Mia. Poor Mia and her
black eye, and yes Lauren gave it to her.
Lucky for us it was only an accident
and Mia forgave.

The cutest witch ever Lauren.
I made her outfit and yes I am so surprised at
how well it turned out. Her skirt was total
inspired by my friend Megan's Halloween banner and
her amazing tassells.

Our cute owl Milo. I also made this with major
help from Martha Stewart. Thanks Martha!!

Every year we get a group shoot with this amazing family.
Such good friends. I keep telling their mama she needs
to add a couple of kids for my new ones to play with, but for some
reason she doesn't respond with YIPPEE I CAN'T WAIT YOU
ONE JUST FOR YOU. Nope she just looks at me like I am crazy and laughs
in my face, but whatever she will have one because I say so.

Another family we love and another mama who wont
get knock up to support me in this time of gestation. One more
woman who laughs at me but whatever she to will have a baby
because I say so. Please, pretty please
Happy Halloween!!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My good Friend Megan over at Megity's handmade is doing
an awesome and amazing giveaway for Blue Cricket's Giveaway a Day!!!!!
I think if your Smart (and I know you are) that
you should head on over and try your best to win this fabulous
Santa Tassel.

Megan is super talented, and will be in some Holiday Boutique's.
Head on over to her crafty blog to find out more.
While your at the boutiques checking out Megan's wonderful tassel's,
also look for my other talented and amazing friend Jodi from

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Blue Eyed Lady

I would like to take a moment to thank
Oprah and Payless Shoes for their amazing
50% off sale. Which allowed me to
purchase this amazing and fabulous blue nit
hat. That makes my favorite blue eyed girl, eyes pop
right out of her cute lil face and say hi, how are you today?

So thank you Oprah and Payless Shoes. Oh and I cant forget Jackie for the email that told me all about the sale. So thanks Jackie, you rock!!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Arrow of Light

Dallin has now left Cub Scouts far behind and is
now a Boy Scout. At his very last pack meeting he received his
Arrow of Light. He was so proud and happy that night.
So dang cute. I guess the Arrow of Light is a huge
deal in the land of Cub Scouts and so I am
also proud of my little man!!!!! Lets just be honest
I have no idea what to do in the world of scouting
that having sons has lead me into. With that said
I am so grateful for scouting leaders who help Dallin get this far
(because it wasn't because of me).
Dallin are you sure your 11 and big enough for camp outs and
all that stuff, because I am sure that I'm not ready for any of it.

Dallin Leaving Cub Scouts!

Dallin walking over the bridge of scouting and becoming a Boy Scouts
(one of the things I don't get)!!!!

Receiving his Arrow of Light

Being so dang handsome.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Sit and Spin Toy

Just thought I would pass along a great deal!!!!!!
The Sit and Spin toy from Playskool is
only $10 something at target with a $10 off
coupon from
Milo is getting this for Christmas or his Birthday.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stand up 2 Cancer

This Friday the Northridge Cardinelles are hosting
a "Just stand up 2 Cancer" during half time.
Any one who is battling cancer or has battled, a care giver
or if you want to stand in memory of someone. COME
They are doing a miracle minute, where they are trying to
raise as much money as the can during half time.
All the money will be donated to the American Cancer Society....
And just in case your wondering the game is between the
Go and support this great cause and stay for a great game......
Also tonight I just saw on Whimsey Pixs that
tonight is a concert and silent auction for Suzie....
Suzie has cancer and is leaving behind her husband and almost 5 yr old daughter.
They have no insurance and could use all the help they can get.
This also is at NHS but you can bid on their blog till around 5pm, so if you can't
make it you can still help.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Had my 15 wk check up today and found out that its a
Well let me be clear on this. She is most likely a girl,
but Jed my Dr couldn't get a great look. So most likely a lady.
Watch in 4 wks I'll be all just kidding. Hee Hee.
Now on to names..... Please help!! post any you love or call me, just please help me.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Short or Long

I'm facing the age old ??????? To grow or to cut?
My hair is finally past my shoulders (all be it just).
I am so sick of growing it out but not ready to give up just yet....
then I see cute pixs of short hair or at the store I turn around
to see super cute short hair or Megan goes and gets herself a new
cute short due...... Why is this so hard, why???????
I really want long hair. It's great just pulling it up with out the help of bobby pins.
I can dry and go. It covers up the part of my back I hate.
So please help me Long or Short.
Here are 2 famous people with hair that I love
to help make your decision for me a little easier.
The one of Zooey Deschanel is the one
that popped up when I googled.
The one of Katie Holmes is from a hair blog just
for her and her hair. The link is below the pix.

My hair fate is in your hands. Please be kind.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Chinese Food Wisdom

My Mom sent me out so we could sample the
cuisine of the far east for lunch to day....
I was more than fine with that because she was kind
and payed for my lunch. Love my Mom!!
My fav part is after the meal... No not
the belly ache or head ache I am
sure to have but the fortune cookie with all
of its wisdom
Mine today said that "good luck will shine
down on me". Um yeah love that.
but mostly I loved when Mike walked in picked
up my fortune and said" luck had better shine on me".
Love that kid. Now to go and take the after
Chinese food Tylenol..

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Summer Part 2

Every 2 or 3 years my dad's family holds the
Reynolds Family Reunion.....
It was so much fun seeing all my family on
my dads side... I loved seeing my kids play with my
cousin kids..... Love getting to sit and talk....
Loved the hula hope contest.....
Loved everything about it, but
mostly I loved my Grandma and can you
blame me she is the best Grandma ever.....
So glad that my kids get to see and love her too.....
Here are some photo's enjoy.....

Friday, September 11, 2009

Summer Part 1

Are vacation this year was to...... Northern California!!!!!!
You might of had a hard time guessing that I know because we never go
to the Sacramento area I mean its not like
Justin grew up there or that I spent every summer of my life
there or my parents live there for 6 mths of the year.
So I know total shock. But we love it...
This year to spice things up instead of going to are
normal Sacramento area lake Ranch Sacco, We head to Folsom lake.
Hear are some of the highlights.
Milo= Milo wonder what the dirt and rocks taste like here and
then decided to try some....
He loves water and was mad when it was time to get out....

Lauren= sang and danced and was in lil girl heaven because
the water sparkled like gold.......

Mike= spent most of the time on this tree or jumping off of it....
Also liked the gold in the water but informed me it was only fools gold
and to not be tricked and this is how he knew that......

Dallin= I really only saw Dallin's back because he went snorkeling
with Justin and had his head in the water the entire time......

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Justin (who I love) thought that since Mi!o is now
8 mths he must need his first skateboard!!!!
Mi!o is in heaven !!!
He loves it and pushes it around the house,
then he'll make the tail go up or he'll just try and eat the wheels.

Mi!o also had fruity pebbles for the first time
and it was love at first taste.
Here he is thanking who ever it was that
came up with this flavor explosion.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh Baby or is it Oh NOOOOO!!!!!!

So at the start of July I wasn't feeling myself and I was looking
a little soft around the middle and that didn't make any sense because
I was working out and eating right and about to win the biggest loser comp!!!!
Oh and then I looked at a calender and count out the 28 days only to
realise that I was late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I bought a test the night before we left for California and it came back
Now I had to find some way to break the horror I mean news to
Justin. To my luck because I was scared to death to have
let him know, He saw the test in the bathroom garbage.
I was in to much shock to hide it. he asked if I was Sure?
I said yes and cried, he laughed also in shock.
And here we are 8 wks pregnant with a 7 mth old.
To answer what I'm sure you are all counting on your fingers
they will be 14 and 1/2 mths apart.
Now I must say I am starting to be ok with it,
I'm not all the way yet but I'm sure once the morning sickness
leaves, I will be. So lets all cry together, Oh wait writing this
has made me so sick that I must now run for the bath room.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


The Creative Mama is giving away CS4 that's right CS4.
Oh man you have no idea how long I have wanted this photoshop program and
it's the next thing on my list. Here's hoping I win or at least one of my friends
out there win!!!! Good luck everyone and go and check out her blog.
You have to enter by 10 pm tonight, so don't wait go now.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th

Hey everyone just wanted to say Happy 4th of July.
Hope all of your plans are smashing and that we all give the
thanks for all those who made it possible to have this Independence Day
and I don't mean Will Smith.
Also my computer crashed and I lost a lot of my pix.
I know a crying shame, I was so sad, but never again!!!!!!
So until I have my external hard drive (which will be after my trip to California)
I will not be posting.
Here is what you have missed and I will be adding shortly.
  • Mike and Justin's birthday
  • My birthday
  • Mike's wipe-out birthday party
  • The forth of July
  • Milo's six mths photos
  • Mike's 9 yr photos
  • My Cousin Kristy's wedding (this will be on my photo blog)

Oh and as always saving the best for last.


That's right you too can join for only ten dollars by next Wednesday!!!!

There is a privet blog to post all of your weight lose goals and ???????

I Can not wait to lose all those Milo pounds and to have my good old body back....

If your want in on the coolest club around leave a comment or email me or call or facebook me.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Be still my soul....
I would like to memorize my Milo just like this.
He has no worries, no cares.
I want to remember those long lashes
The puffer lips and the gumball cheeks.
Oh my last lil man, all of your first are also my last.
The last first laugh....
The last first roll over....
The last first kiss.....
The last first sitting up all by yourself...
I so look forward to all your first....
But it breaks my heart that they are all my last first.
So sad and happy for me....
I'll just enjoy the moment and enjoy you my last little man, Milo.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I took these pictures of the Salt Lake Temple on the day my good friends
the Jones were sealed for time and all eternity to each other and their three beautiful girls.

To learn more about that click on this link.

I have been having so many wonderful blessings in my life lately

that I wanted to give something back.

So here it is Anyone who would like one of these pictures of the temple can have one.

Feel free to copy them from here or send me a CD and I will burn them for you.

If you want email and I'll send them that way.

I am still learning all this computer stuff so if some one knows a way
that I can share these and still keep the quality please please let me know.

JustKemistry, our Family, Life and Love