Monday, December 28, 2009


Christmas morning came and our 4 little ones
were more then happy with Santa and what he brought for them.
But this post is titled regret and here is why!!!!
I handed my super fly husband my camera and said hold this
while I go and get a quick drink of water.
I return from the kitchen and we open presents and
their is joy and laughter by all. Well
almost by all for their is a lonely cry and a tear
from my camera as it lays forgotten beside my husband.
So my regret is that I did not capture one
Christmas morning smile. I wish I could
blame my super fly husband for not taking pictures
but for the past 12 years this has been my job!!!!
and I sadly now have to live with regret!!!!
I think that I will blame my pregnant brain, or that I
didn't have enough sleep or maybe a south poll elf
hide my camera and then sat there and laughed as
my camera cried out but no one heard because of all the
Christmas joy and laughter!!!!

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jodihi said...

I am right there with you girlfriend! I was so thrown off gaurd with the "puppy thing" this year that I completely forgot to even pick up my camera.. :( Jake says "oh dont worry its a Christmas they will never forget"... duh hello what about scrapbooking. I guess there is always next year?

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