Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas Silhouttes Tutorial

This year I decided to make silhouettes of my kids
for Grandparent gifts,
and as a Christmas gift to all of you
here is a very easy tutorial.
First off hang a white sheet over a bright window.
Next take a side view photo of your child in front of the window.
Here is Milo's.

Next in photoshop make it a black and white.

Then bump up the contrast all the way and bump down

the red, green and blue until the person is completely black.

I found newspaper worked best for this.

Now you can be done if your ok with the grey background.
If not use your lasso set at 50% feather and lasso
everything but the person. After that go to layer, then new
and select new layer via copy. Chose a color ( I stuck with good old white)
click your paint bucket and fill in the lasso area.
Their you have it!!! Crazy easy!!!

If you have any ?????? let me know.





Baby Girl Thompson
Merry Christmas


the mama monster said...

holy cow kem those look soooooooooo good!. i might need you to help me sooner than i thought. i am dying to make some again now. so much easier than what i did before. cute belly mama!

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

Fun! We have to do the kids when I feel up to it!

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