Friday, December 11, 2009

Advent Calender and DI finds

When I found these tins at Dollar Tree, I knew that they
must become my advent calender!!!!!
That was the easy part next came finding the perfect
paper and numbers which still wasn't the hard part!!!!!
The hard part was what to turn them into?
I could make them a Christmas tree or maybe I could
hang them from a ribbon and make them into a banner
Oh wait a minute I know I could put them on a magnet board?
Nothing seemed right until I decided to make them ornaments for
my tree and here they are!!!
My Advent Calender Ornaments

What can I say I love them. How about you?

Now on to my D.I. finds!!!!

Love that store. First off I found this amazing vintage record

I really want to turn it into something spectacular, but I'm not sure just what. Any ideas???

Then came Mr Cookie Man.
How could I say no to him with all his vintage glory and Honor?
Nope had to have him, partly because he was only $2.50.
I also found this clock which will find a home in my boy's room,
as soon as their father is done framing and dry walling and carpeting it!

Last but not least Baby girl boots!!!!
Megan found these while we where at the D.I.
together and we both agreed that baby girl Thompson
needed these for when she left the womb and joined the world.
If I was her these fluffy white boots would convince me to leave the womb like
I don't know a week or two early. Wishful thinking.

P.S. If you are still looking for that perfect Christmas present take a gander at Megan's
tassells. She is super talented and I am amazed at her creations. Someone said that tassel making is more any art then a craft and I fully agree. Go and get yourself a unique one of a kind piece of art.


the mama monster said...

love them all! the advent turned out cuter than i even imagined! baby girl better stay in her nice warm cozy bed for a bit longer.

megitys said...

The advent turned out fantastic! I should make an advent. Maybe next year? Maybe now so I can have it in time for next year?? Maybe I steal yours?

Thanks for all of your help photographing this week. I couldn't of done it without you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

S and E Frazier said...

Ok Kem, now we really need to hang out! First photography and now the D.I.!? Two of my greatest loves! Let's go thrifting sometime. Love that cookie jar! And I love the advent ornaments idea because I can never figure out which way I want to do it either.

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