Monday, September 30, 2013

You get an F

You might remember here that I set a goal for myself.
A completely reasonable goal of not eating out in the month of September.

Well I had one major problem I hadn't thought of.

So with this new insight I am hoping I can try again a little different.
Here's to not sucking it up this time.

I think I went wrong with the no eating out at all.
The whole point was to help me not go out for lunch so often.

So here is how I am changing up the sucking.

I am going to go out with my husband and have a big juice dinner that I did not have to make.
There will be nights that 5 buck pizza will win out.
I will not eat out for lunch.
Except for grocery day.
This my reward for making a menu,  buy the food, bagging the food (really Winco),
and putting away the food (which really is the worst part).

Here's to a new month.
Hello October, let's not do lunch.

Because I gave myself an F for last months butt kicking it made me think of the old VW commercials.
Which I find hilarious and figured everyone else in the world will also.
I, thanks to youtube, present for your viewing pleasure "VW UnPimp Your Ride".

Here's to "unpimping" my lunch. 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Oh My

J. Crew has a baby line!
Now if I had a baby and a whole lot of money, 
I wouldn't be posting, I'd be buying.
I am kinda going bananas right now and I have no one to buy for.
So lets have some fun and for my sanity,
 lets pretend I had both,  here are my favs from the line.
Go find your's here.

Wee lil lass first.

Now for the Lil Gents

So in love, my favorite item has to be hands down the stuffed pigeon,
every well dressed baby should have one.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Catching Fire

A few years back an amazing ward member, who has the nick name of Grandpa Candy
due to the fact that after each Sunday Service the children line up and he lets them pick a candy from his bag.  His wonderful wife once told me that he only brings that bag to hold candy.
No other use for it.  Anyway this great guy asked me if I would be willing to be on
the Friends of the Davis County Children Justice Board, and how do you say no to Grandpa Candy?

Flash to present day.

This fundraising pre preview will be on,

Wednesday November 20th
7:00 pm
Farmington Station Park Cinemark Theater

Tickets are $20 and will go to help local children who have been abused. 

Just some sad facts,  Sorry but they are sad.

1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday

In Utah there is a confirmed case of abuse (sexual and physical) every 38 minutes

1 in 5 children will be solicited for sex while on the internet.

I know that child abuse is a hard subject but lets talk and find ways to protect
these little victims.

Rainn has 5 tips to help safeguard your kids, go here to check them out.

If you would like to support the CJC and your local email me @

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


First off let me say these picture suck in many ways.
First they're with my phone.
Second, blah, before pics are never fun.

My gym is doing a 12 week challenge and since I love a challenge that kicks my
butt,  I thought why not.

These where taken at the start of September.
September 3rd to be precise.
We just started week 3

The first week was great.
I ate well and exercise like a rock star.
Week 1 I lost 4 lbs.
Can I get a high five.

Week 2, me and Murphy from Murphy's law decided to hang for a little while.
I had sick kids, moved one kid to a different school and completely feel off the no eating out bandwagon.  BOO
I only worked out one day.  Double BOO
Gained back 2 lbs.  Triple BOO  

Here's to a new week full of great workouts and eating right.
I should probable tell the truth, that when I say "eating right"
I mean not eating a ton of junk and not over eating.
I belive that nothing is off the table and that threw small steps you can
make whatever you are eating healthier.
I am a mom and a wife and guess what they aren't going to 
eat chicken with steamed veggies every night.

Besides, I belive that we are here to enjoy life and food helps with that.
I don't want my kids to have issues with food and so I am trying not to.
I love the thought of eating whatever you feel like, but only eating until satisfied.
Which if your listening to your body really isn't that much.

I am going to post pics once a month until the challenge is over.
Having something out there that anyone can see is super motivating.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Have You Seen

This guy is insane.  Crazy talented.

This video brought a tear to my eye.


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Menu Thursday

I can tell by my menu that fall is in the air and who doesn't love the fall.
Especially Fall cooking.

Can't wait to try this out

These are super good.

Navajo Taco
Made with left over chili.

Sweet Buffalo Chicken

Still have some garden tomatoes.

How to make Bread

Friday, September 13, 2013


My brother and his family just moved to Germany.
When I say just I mean like 3 weeks ago.
Right after they left I found out about the Schultuete (school cones).
Thank you pinterest.
They're a German back to school tradition that started in the 1800's.
Its basically a cone filled with school items.  Germany's make huge ones with
first day of school outfits, pens, markers, anything you could need for school really.

I new right away that I wanted to make some for my brothers kids heading off to a new school 
in a new country.  He only has 2 in school full time right now but I decided not to leave out the
little ones and made one for each.
Since I didn't have a lot of time on my hands and I wanted the schultues 
to reach them before they started school.  I used mostly what I had on hand.
I ran to Targets dollar spot it get the school supplies.

I also sent some Chic Fa La sauce for my brother and his wife.
Who doesn't love this sauce?

If you want to find out more about this fun back to school tradition go here.
If you want to find out how to make your own go here.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Parent Preview

First off I want to take a moment to remember what happened 12 years ago.
I pray we never forget.

My Tuba playing Dallin, had his parent preview last night for his field show.

I love watching my kids doing what they love.
Davis High was established in 1914, so this graduating class will be the 100th.
With this in mind the show represents what was happening in 1914 and the next few years after.
Europe has just gone to war and America is safely out of it,
but as the show progresses America can no longer ignore what is happening overseas.
The show ends with 3 trumpets playing as the rest off the band marches off the field in silence, as if off to war.  Not going to lie it was moving, especially with the next day being 9/11.

I can't wait to see how it grows over the Field Show season.
Good luck Davis High Marching Band.

Monday, September 9, 2013

3 lessons I have learned at Target.

I have had a few Oprah style Ah ha moments at Target.
May be I spend to much time there?
Who's to say, right and come on it's Target and when Lauren was still
a wee lil lase she found a good luck penny that made her day.

Here are my 3 life lessons I am so glad that I learned at Target.

1. A child was throwing the biggest fit in the clothes department.
I heard 2 older women complain loudly that there children would never act
like that in a store.  ( which I thought you guys are so the old ladies you have forgotten)
The screaming child made me grateful that I was able to run to the store without any of mine.
Then I saw another older woman walk up to the little girl and start talking to her.
She got down on her level and soon had the little girl happy again.
She didn't stop with that I saw her help this young mother with the rest of her shopping.
She held the baby who started crying and entertained the once screaming toddler.
She taught me so much of Christ like love and service.

2.  We had just found out that we had lost our Levi.
I needed to run by Target before I delivered him to pick up somethings I knew
that I would not want to after.  I felt raw to the world.  My world had just
been thrown up side down and as I walked threw Target it felt odd that
no one new.  They went about there shopping complete unaware of my heartache. 
This taught me to be kind.  You have no idea what the person shopping next to you
is going threw.  I don't ever want to be guilty of adding to someones heartache because 
I am in a hurry or think they are being rude.  You never know.

3.  Right after the Sandy Hook School shooting.
I was feeling like most of us, sad and confused.  I was shocked by
the evil in the world and scared by what it had in store for the future.
I was sad to be buying my kids Christmas stocking candy knowing that somewhere
a mom was morning the loss of her little one and that there would be no stockings for them.
A young family was shopping by me when their daughter threw up everywhere.
Not going to lie, kinda gross. 
A woman by me left the candy isle as I did.  I watch her run to the toddle section and 
grab some pants.  She took the tags off ran them to the mom then went and paid for them.
She taught me there is always goodness in the world.  No mater how dark things seem, if
you look for light you will find it.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Menu Thursday

1. Hawaiian Bubble Bread with fresh fruit.

2. Grilled BBQ Glazed Chicken with salad and a veg.

3. Breakfast

4. Pizza Pockets with salad.
I make this with store bought puff pastry. Super easy.
Also the leftovers are great for school lunch.

Never made these, so on the menu again.
Bonus I already have everything to make them.

6. Sub Sandwiches with fresh fruit.
I'll get the bread from Jimmy Johns. 
Remember 50 cent loafs.

7.  Chicken Quesadilla.
I make these with Costco rotisserie chicken,
chili verda sauce and cheese

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


With the start of school, comes school lunch.
I mostly have my kids take a lunch. 
It's healthier and cost less, but is not without it's own down side.

My problems our as follows.
I have to make them lunch.
I have a small kitchen and treats are stored on top of my fridge. Ugly.
I have to make them lunch
The second I bring home snacks my five vultures eat all of them up.
I have to make them lunch.

I have solved 2 of those pesky problems.

I bought 2 metal bins from Walmart.
They fit perfectly on top of the fridge.  Ugly no more.

I spay painted a T and a S, then glued them onto the metal bin.
T stands for, if your a hungry little vulture you can take freely from me.
S stands for school lunch only.  
Don't even think of eating anything from here unless your butt is sitting in a school cafeteria.

Ugly before.

Nice and organized after.

I also packed a treat bin for the car.
This has come in so handy.
In fact it saved me today.
I had just done a super amazingly hard work out and didn't have time to go home
for my recovery snack before story time started at the library.
Never been so happy to have trail mix in my life.
I am pretty sure without it I would have died.
I'm not saying a treat bin in your car will save your life, but are you willing to take that chance?
I'm not and am alive today because of it.

Monday, September 2, 2013


Hi I am Kem, and I like to eat out.
Its not a pretty part of me, its one that I have tried in the past to best.

This time I have a plan.
I am not your most organized person and I am not
a homebody by any stretch of the imagination.
So most of the time when I grab a quick bite to eat, its for lunch.
I am out and about and have not planned accordingly.

So knowing that is one of my underling causes.
The other is $1 drinks from McDonald's,
Whoever came up with that is a marketing genius, evil genius.

So with all that knowledge of my inner monologue. 
Here's how it's going down.

1st. I have a snack bin in my car for those moment of unplanned lunch time outings.

2nd. I will try my hardest to not be out around lunch time.
I have some fun fall activities I am going to be doing with my little ones that should help with this. 

3rd. It's well know that you can reprogram your brain
and in most cases it takes about 21 days to start or break a habit.
So September is my no eating out month.
What about date night you ask?
We can eat at home then go for a hike or to a movie
or whatever floats our boat.

 4th. I joined a 12 week challenge at my gym.
I am accountable for my progress or lack of.
I also am sorta competitive and I will kick some weight loss butt.

5th.  If for some reason I don't win the 12 week challenge 
which is a flat screen TV or a Spa package.
With the money that I saved I am going to go and get myself some new clothes.
Who am I kidding I am going to do that even if I win.

6th.  I am going to rely on my Lord to help me be strong.
At times of weakness I will pray for help.

I also love this because if fits perfectly with my goals for this school year.
I love how one thing such as not eating out fits in so many of them.

Anything that makes me a stronger person and teaches me that the Lord is their is
welcome in my life.  This is not a habit I want and the money I am
spending is a gift from our Savior and I am accountable for how I use it.

A penny saved is a penny earned.

Are you kidding me? 
A doctor pepper a day doesn't keep the doctor away. 

I think this fits with all my goals but I'll just focus on those 3 for now.

JustKemistry, our Family, Life and Love