Monday, September 30, 2013

You get an F

You might remember here that I set a goal for myself.
A completely reasonable goal of not eating out in the month of September.

Well I had one major problem I hadn't thought of.

So with this new insight I am hoping I can try again a little different.
Here's to not sucking it up this time.

I think I went wrong with the no eating out at all.
The whole point was to help me not go out for lunch so often.

So here is how I am changing up the sucking.

I am going to go out with my husband and have a big juice dinner that I did not have to make.
There will be nights that 5 buck pizza will win out.
I will not eat out for lunch.
Except for grocery day.
This my reward for making a menu,  buy the food, bagging the food (really Winco),
and putting away the food (which really is the worst part).

Here's to a new month.
Hello October, let's not do lunch.

Because I gave myself an F for last months butt kicking it made me think of the old VW commercials.
Which I find hilarious and figured everyone else in the world will also.
I, thanks to youtube, present for your viewing pleasure "VW UnPimp Your Ride".

Here's to "unpimping" my lunch. 

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Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

"It is definitely sucking."

I like the new name and header deary.

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