Monday, September 2, 2013


Hi I am Kem, and I like to eat out.
Its not a pretty part of me, its one that I have tried in the past to best.

This time I have a plan.
I am not your most organized person and I am not
a homebody by any stretch of the imagination.
So most of the time when I grab a quick bite to eat, its for lunch.
I am out and about and have not planned accordingly.

So knowing that is one of my underling causes.
The other is $1 drinks from McDonald's,
Whoever came up with that is a marketing genius, evil genius.

So with all that knowledge of my inner monologue. 
Here's how it's going down.

1st. I have a snack bin in my car for those moment of unplanned lunch time outings.

2nd. I will try my hardest to not be out around lunch time.
I have some fun fall activities I am going to be doing with my little ones that should help with this. 

3rd. It's well know that you can reprogram your brain
and in most cases it takes about 21 days to start or break a habit.
So September is my no eating out month.
What about date night you ask?
We can eat at home then go for a hike or to a movie
or whatever floats our boat.

 4th. I joined a 12 week challenge at my gym.
I am accountable for my progress or lack of.
I also am sorta competitive and I will kick some weight loss butt.

5th.  If for some reason I don't win the 12 week challenge 
which is a flat screen TV or a Spa package.
With the money that I saved I am going to go and get myself some new clothes.
Who am I kidding I am going to do that even if I win.

6th.  I am going to rely on my Lord to help me be strong.
At times of weakness I will pray for help.

I also love this because if fits perfectly with my goals for this school year.
I love how one thing such as not eating out fits in so many of them.

Anything that makes me a stronger person and teaches me that the Lord is their is
welcome in my life.  This is not a habit I want and the money I am
spending is a gift from our Savior and I am accountable for how I use it.

A penny saved is a penny earned.

Are you kidding me? 
A doctor pepper a day doesn't keep the doctor away. 

I think this fits with all my goals but I'll just focus on those 3 for now.

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