Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Happy School Year!

Happy school year folks.
For me way more then new years, the end of summer is a time to reflect.

I decide to focus on five areas of my life.

1. Spiritual
"I don't have a soul, I am a soul..."
C. S. Lewis

2. Financial
This is my biggest hurtle right now.
Budget needs to become my new best friend

3. Family
I really kinda love these guys.

4. Health
The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful body
and it is my job to treat it as a gift from God.
Also to make it as rocking as I can.

5. Home
I want my home to be a haven from the world.
After all 

 (Mike took these pics at the 4th of July with my phone)

To help me reach my goals, I will be posting thing related on this blog of mine.

Here's to a new school year and new possibilities.


Jennell said...

My yearly goals follow the school year also. It make New Years resolutions unnecessary. ;) Right now I have a list of things to learn or do before I turn 40, which I started a long time ago so it needs to be revised now that I am 39. I also usually have my kids set a goal in 4 areas (spiritual, academic, practical and physical). You reminded me that I haven't done this yet...

I think that this is a great use of your blog. May I suggest a book called 1000 gifts by Ann Voskamp. This book has blessed me so much in setting priorities and seeing God in the world around me.

Kem said...

I love a good book. I'll have to check this one out.

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