Saturday, August 3, 2013

Mi!o gets an invite

Milo went to his first birthday party..

Wait for it....

All by himself.

No little sister, no big sister
and no big brothers. 

Us walking to his friends house.
(Milo says his hair is magic because its both light and dark)
Wish I had magic hair.

Milo and his friend.

Milo's gift. 

As you know from here, I am doing the FCF $100 challenge.
Here's how I was able to rock the challenge birthday party style.
We usually have a $5 - $15 friend birthday budget.
Older kid stuff just cost more so we give our teens more to spend.

Back to what I spent and what I saved.
Milo would usually have right around $5, but
Target had a bunch of toys on sale for 70% off.
(Thank you Megan for the Call)
Which made it so we didn't sacrifice on the quality of gift, but
still only spend slightly less then $2.
The raping paper is actually scrape booking paper that
we already had.  So no money spent.

Which means I was able to save $3.
You only have to save $3.25 a day to make it to your goal.
Easy Peesy 

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Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

Milo does have magic hair. And I love, love, love that picture!

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