Thursday, August 1, 2013

Why not save $100 smackaroos in August?

Why not save $100 smackaroos in August?

I love this challenge and also Fun Cheap or Free blog.
I have gotten so many great ideas from Jordan, 
and this is perfect timing with my 3 oldest starting school.

I am jumping into this challenge with both feet.
 Why? You ask.

Because I seem to bleed money!!!!

I don't mean to. I have great plans but for some reason I find myself
completely ignoring my budget.

I am trying hard to be more of a planner.
I am naturally a go by the seat of your pants and hope everything works out kinda gal.
Not so anymore.  I have finely realized that I have to make my life
what I want it to be. 
Putting our house on the market taught me this.  
(I'll go more into this later on).

I am going to try and post all about my ups and downs with this challenge and I'll
post thing related on my Instagram.

This will be fun!!!
21 days to break a carefree are you still a child habit.

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