Wednesday, August 14, 2013


My handsome Mike just finished up National Youth Leadership Training 
with the Boy Scouts.
Honestly I know about nothing when it comes to scouts and scouting.
His leaders tell me stuff and other parents talk about things and
I smile and nod.
I am Charlie Brown and they are the adult.
Whaa wah Wah wa. 

(Mike looking rugged and needing a shower)

So the way I know that NYLT is amazing and something to be proud of completing.
Is the fact that said leader and parents give approving smiles and nods
and a job well done pat on the back.
All of which is foreign to me when it comes to scouts.
I am use to the Dallin should be working on his Eagle project  or
the you really should sew on some rank badges on your boys shirt looks.
I am sure most people could careless that I am mediocre when it comes to scouting.
To those of you trying hard to help my boys out with all things scouts, a huge thank you.

 (Awards Ceremony)

Mike spent a week up at Camp Fife learning and growing.
He loved it, which what more could I ask for.
On Saturday we got to pick him up and see the camp.
I love driving to places I have never been, especially when its just me and my man.
 I love catching up with no kids distractions 
and on the way home hearing Mike's stories from the week.
My fav is the kid who got mad, flipped over a picnic table and then sat on the ground next to it.
No one seemed to know why he was mad.
Also the water taste like eggs, yuck.

This stop sign was on the way to camp and oh how it made me laugh.
Great job on the spelling my young friend.

I love that I also got this cowboy in the shot.  He was chasing a horse that had
gotten out and wasn't likely to give up his new found freedom easy.

P.S.  Just to prove my lacking when it comes to scouts. As I was writing this I put down NYL.
Mike came up behind me and said mom you have that wrong it's NYLT.

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Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

I left you a whole long epilogue of awesomeness comment but then I failed the spam robot protector guy. Basically, it proves you are super awesome that you got the right week and the right time to get Mike up there. You rock!

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