Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back to School Feast

Last night we had our back to school feast.
We invited both sets of Grandparents over, my kids have the best Grandparents.

The menu was suppose to be.
Fish Taco's with fresh pico, 
cafe rio style dressing, salad, rice and beans.

I was thinking of what I had planned for our feast and realized, it was all for me.
This night is all about my kids, so I changed up the menu.

Mash Potatoes,
Hand Shucked Corn on the Cob 
(any what about bob fans?)
For Desert I made 2 Slab Pies
an Apple and a Peach.

We pretty much always get our corn form this stand.
They have been selling for 49 years and really do have the best produce.
We got our corn and watermelon from here.
They are located on Main St in Kaysville kinda by Taste Doughnuts.
As a side note the lady who runs the stand is a firecracker and we love her.
I took this picture from my car, because I am sure she would have yelled at me for taking it.
 Don't tell.

After dinner Justin and the Grandpa's gave the kids a Father Blessing for 
the start of the school year.
You can find out more about blessings here.

This school years theme is 
Joshua 1:9


I hope it will help my kids remember that the Lord is always with
them and that they have no reason to fear the world.
Stand and be true my little ones.

p.s. sorry for the crappy phone pics its all I had time for.

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