Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Best watch it, before you get Schooled

Monday my 3 oldest chicklets went back to school.
I already miss Summer.  Call me crazy but I do.
My kids are ready,  so off they go.

Dallin is now in 9th grade.  Holy crap.  
Now everything matters, grades! Holy crap.
It's time to prepare to get into a great college. Holy crap.

Back to Dallin.  This kid is awesome.  
He is a tuba playing maniac.
He is one of the few 9th graders playing with the Davis High Marching Band
and is doing their field show.
Davis High is very proud of their Band and Football and being Davis High.

Mike is in 8th grade and is also awesome.
He is playing the baritone which my little ones call the baby tuba.
He loves to skateboard and pester.
He is great at pestering, its a true talent.

Dallin and Mike pose stoically.  Why yes that is doughnut on Mike's mouth.

Lauren is a big 5th grader now.  Crazy.
She also is awesome.
Lauren has the kindest heart.  She is super good.
She has a talent of making everyone around her feel loved, young and old.
She also is a great decorator, she rearranges her room like daily.  No joke.

I got the kids doughnuts for the first day of school breakfast (Mike's mouth is prof), because
I may have slept in and didn't have time to make french toast.
The boys left for KJH.
(I wish it was socially ok for me to walk them the first day, but such things are frowned upon) 

Curled Lauren's hair and luckily 5th graders are fine having their mother walk them to school.

Lauren and her bestie Mia.

It was a great day and so happy my kids loved it.
Even if someone with doughnut on his mouth said it was okay.
I know he meant amazing.

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