Thursday, August 22, 2013

Menu Thursday

Here's the game plan for this weeks dinners.

(Milo keeps asking for the large meatball meal)
I use panko bread crumbs instead of oats,when I make my meatballs.
Also if your by Trader Joe's,  I'll use the turkey meatballs in this.
Makes it super yummy and easy.

This is a new one, can't wait to try.

Homemade Pizza with a yummy salad.
I'm thinking pepperoni with black olive.  
Maybe on french bread or Jimmy Johns bread?
(You can get Jimmy Johns day old for only 50 cents a loaf)

BLT'S with homemade baked potato chips and fresh fruit.
Have you tried a fried egg on your BLT?  Supper good.  
I also love to add cucumber to mine.

Black Bean Burritos with salad and corn.
I like to make these how my dad always makes burritos.
Your grill them in a little oil and make them supper crispy on the outside and warm and melting on the inside.

Sweet Buffalo BBQ Chicken with baked potato and veggies.
I'll share the recipe later.  My kids love this.

Fish Taco's with fresh pico, 
cafe rio style dressing, salad, rice and beans.
This is our back to school feast and I'll have more on it later.

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