Thursday, August 8, 2013

Camp out (almost)

The plan.
Have a super family camp out, with my super siblings and parents.
What actually happened.
My mom and dad where so stinking nice and took my 5 kids up the night before
to save an extra spot at the campgrounds.
Having no kids = perfect date night with a side of food poisoning.
Lame I know.  I was so sick all night.
Knowing we couldn't leave my parents with 5 kids.
We made the trek up to the Unitas.
(About 2 hrs away) 

This place was so pretty.  Wish I could of had the energy to explore more.

Oh and this handsome boy had a fever off and on,  sorry mom for sending you
with a sick little boy.

Playing that throw the golf ball thing on the pvc pipe thing game.

So needless to say we didn't camp out.  My brother who's little girl hurt her
arm right as they were leaving to come up, didn't camp out.
Way to tough it out to my sisters and parents.
Better luck to us all next year.

We stopped by an old cemetery  in Poea (sorry if I misspelled Poea)

The story of this bolder in a nutshell, is that Brooks was pretty much
a jerk and took from everyone and never gave back and bragged about
helping in the martyrdom of Joseph Smith.
When he died and was lay to rest this bolder rolled down the hill and landed
on top of his grave.  


Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

That was a lame outcome. But hey, didn't you lose 3 pounds?

Kem said...

yes yes i did.

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