Wednesday, August 7, 2013

You put the lime in the Coconut

When we put our house on the market, we decided to make
one small room not feel so stinking small buy good willing 
Evie's toddler bed.  She shared with whoever she felt like that night.
Which usually was Lauren or Milo.
That was fine for Little House on the Prairie (big time fan)
and for while our house was on the market.
Thanks to KSL, I was able to find some
used bunk beds for only $75.  Awesome!!! 
I love the shelf and have dreams of banners and books.
The only problem and its kinda a big one.
They were super old looking.
I wanted to paint them but wasn't sure
what color?  I haven't figured out what bedding
or art or really nailed down anything for this shared room
just yet.  Lots of ideas but nothing in concrete just yet.
Knowing I want to paint them, I didn't want to hassle with stripping and staining.
All was lost I had nowhere to go.
Wait a moment.... PINTEREST

My friend Heidi had just pinned something about refinishing wood with coconut oil.
It works amazing!!!
It is super easy.  Just rub it in and then just wipe off.




megitys said...

Wowee! That looks so much better! Still vote on you painting them though. Harhar! I like to cause more work!

Kem said...

haha Meg. I still plan on panting them.

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