Monday, December 28, 2009


Christmas morning came and our 4 little ones
were more then happy with Santa and what he brought for them.
But this post is titled regret and here is why!!!!
I handed my super fly husband my camera and said hold this
while I go and get a quick drink of water.
I return from the kitchen and we open presents and
their is joy and laughter by all. Well
almost by all for their is a lonely cry and a tear
from my camera as it lays forgotten beside my husband.
So my regret is that I did not capture one
Christmas morning smile. I wish I could
blame my super fly husband for not taking pictures
but for the past 12 years this has been my job!!!!
and I sadly now have to live with regret!!!!
I think that I will blame my pregnant brain, or that I
didn't have enough sleep or maybe a south poll elf
hide my camera and then sat there and laughed as
my camera cried out but no one heard because of all the
Christmas joy and laughter!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas Silhouttes Tutorial

This year I decided to make silhouettes of my kids
for Grandparent gifts,
and as a Christmas gift to all of you
here is a very easy tutorial.
First off hang a white sheet over a bright window.
Next take a side view photo of your child in front of the window.
Here is Milo's.

Next in photoshop make it a black and white.

Then bump up the contrast all the way and bump down

the red, green and blue until the person is completely black.

I found newspaper worked best for this.

Now you can be done if your ok with the grey background.
If not use your lasso set at 50% feather and lasso
everything but the person. After that go to layer, then new
and select new layer via copy. Chose a color ( I stuck with good old white)
click your paint bucket and fill in the lasso area.
Their you have it!!! Crazy easy!!!

If you have any ?????? let me know.





Baby Girl Thompson
Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


My Dearest Friend,
I know that we have never meet and don't even know
each others name, but all the same I feel
that you should be one of my closest friends.
Anyone with the talent and craftiness to create
my new favorite way to adorn my head
should be and deserves to be a friend.

So friend here I am at a cross roads, and it is all because of you!

For I now realise why I should knit and somehow the

power still avoids me. I want to find someones Grandma

and have her show me all that I have missed in this world.

Or ask my Mother why she never learned and chose not to teach

her children, but alas it will not do to blame my Mother

for my lack of knowledge. So here we are and I

now have my first New Years Resolution.

I will learn to knit in 2010!!!!!

Thank you for the desire and for sharing your talent

in the form of my headband.

Your Friend


Friday, December 11, 2009

Advent Calender and DI finds

When I found these tins at Dollar Tree, I knew that they
must become my advent calender!!!!!
That was the easy part next came finding the perfect
paper and numbers which still wasn't the hard part!!!!!
The hard part was what to turn them into?
I could make them a Christmas tree or maybe I could
hang them from a ribbon and make them into a banner
Oh wait a minute I know I could put them on a magnet board?
Nothing seemed right until I decided to make them ornaments for
my tree and here they are!!!
My Advent Calender Ornaments

What can I say I love them. How about you?

Now on to my D.I. finds!!!!

Love that store. First off I found this amazing vintage record

I really want to turn it into something spectacular, but I'm not sure just what. Any ideas???

Then came Mr Cookie Man.
How could I say no to him with all his vintage glory and Honor?
Nope had to have him, partly because he was only $2.50.
I also found this clock which will find a home in my boy's room,
as soon as their father is done framing and dry walling and carpeting it!

Last but not least Baby girl boots!!!!
Megan found these while we where at the D.I.
together and we both agreed that baby girl Thompson
needed these for when she left the womb and joined the world.
If I was her these fluffy white boots would convince me to leave the womb like
I don't know a week or two early. Wishful thinking.

P.S. If you are still looking for that perfect Christmas present take a gander at Megan's
tassells. She is super talented and I am amazed at her creations. Someone said that tassel making is more any art then a craft and I fully agree. Go and get yourself a unique one of a kind piece of art.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just Some Randomness

To start off this random post. I post a random ??? is randomness
a word? Just asking.
Now on to one random post.
Last night me, Megan and that mad Mama Monster
Jackie head on down to Kaysville theater to see
Julie and Julia

This is my ever so wanted and highly waited for review.

It made me hungry!!!!

I know very thought out, but it did and not just hungry but hungry for burscheta (not sure I spelled that right).

So after I am done with this post I will be eating some. Oh and just so you know all three

of us gals thought that it was long but that might be because it was, but also because we went to the 9:30 pm show and I am a old pregnant lady and that Meg and Jackie O have been crafty into the wee hours of the morning.

Lucky for us I just happened to have brought these yummy
candy cane truffles from Food of the Gods Chocolate, which went well
with our popcorn. I am loving my deal with the creator of this
amazing chocolate!!! He gets my mad photography skills and I
get to gain even more weight because of his mad chocolate skills!!!

Before the show Justin had his work party, where Milo had

cherry cheese cake for the first time which I am sure you can tell he loves!!

Santa on the other hand, not so much! The candy cane Santa gave him was a big hit!

Now for the last of my random post. This is what I beheld this morning.

I wish the snow would have realised that it was grocery day and that it really
should have been done by the time I had to leave and maybe it could have saved it self for
a day when I could cuddle up in my blanket with a book and hot coco but nope. So thank you snow for choosing the day that I had a billion things to do!!!!!
A few things to look forward to.
  • My advent calender
  • One Amazing master bedroom make over
  • Home made stockings
  • Pictures and some more Pictures

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