Sunday, March 16, 2014


For those friends and family who would like to follow my mom's battle with stomach cancer,
we have started a blog.  I will write about it there and most likely here as well.

  Luckily a lot will come from my mom with special insight into her personal fight, but when your mom has cancer your entire family has cancer, so you will also here from all of us. 

Here's a link to the blog 

You can also find a link in my sidebar under "Our family's journey".

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Menu Thursday

I'm Loving the shopping for 10 days instead of 7!
With that said I have a billion things to do so I'm going to stop 
typing a way and get right to my 10 day menu.

I think I might pare this up with sweet potato this time.


Baked Chicken Parm 
I make mine with panco bread crumbs.

Evie's birthday dinner

Shepherds Pie

Chili Dogs

2 Nights of Left Overs
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