Monday, July 29, 2013

Good Morning Buddha

So like I promised Dallin and to my utter amazement
I actually was up at 5 am so that we could go off to Farmington Station.

Look it was so early they had the lights on in the trees.

This was the first band to play and we were told to dance
for the camera.  I felt like the girls on "That Thing You Do When" when
they run out on stage and start dancing then run off.
(notice the teen Will I Am and the middle age Fergie. Is Fergie middle aged? I have no idea.
Well let us say the older then Fergie want to be Fergie)

Loved them.

Next we were told to stand in front of here and
listen to Big Buddha interview this guy.
Then Whoop Whoop when the camera turned to us.
Don't worry no one actually said "Whoop Whoop".

I'm sure all the teenage girls loved this guy.
He wrote his own music and played the guitar.

Next came the Settebello's segment.
My fav because they feed us yummy food.
It doesn't take much for me to be happy.

We ended with this handsome trio.
I loved these guys.  Blue Grass and handlebar mustaches, nuff said.

I must confess that I lined danced.
I know nothing could make this better.
But let me say their was a high school girl who was leading it
and next thing I know I am boot scooting.

Thanks Davis High School Band for this fun morning with my 14 year old
who is usually to busy playing his tuba or mine craft to hang with his awesome
and very talented in the way of line dancing mother.

Check out Farmington Stations, Rock the Park and then eat at Settebello.

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