Thursday, September 5, 2013

Menu Thursday

1. Hawaiian Bubble Bread with fresh fruit.

2. Grilled BBQ Glazed Chicken with salad and a veg.

3. Breakfast

4. Pizza Pockets with salad.
I make this with store bought puff pastry. Super easy.
Also the leftovers are great for school lunch.

Never made these, so on the menu again.
Bonus I already have everything to make them.

6. Sub Sandwiches with fresh fruit.
I'll get the bread from Jimmy Johns. 
Remember 50 cent loafs.

7.  Chicken Quesadilla.
I make these with Costco rotisserie chicken,
chili verda sauce and cheese


heidi said...

Wahoo! I love your meal planning posts-- I have not been up on planning & you & I have similar tastes in food so now I have my meal plan for the week through you. Thank you. (Hey, if you need me to plan anything, like daily reminders to nap or a neighborhood boycott of the fact that Netflix no longer shows Yo Gabba Gabba...I'm on it, it's the least I can do)

Kem said...

So funny Heidi. I would love a nap reminder and also who in their right mind removes yo gabba gabba from anything.

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