Tuesday, September 24, 2013


First off let me say these picture suck in many ways.
First they're with my phone.
Second, blah, before pics are never fun.

My gym is doing a 12 week challenge and since I love a challenge that kicks my
butt,  I thought why not.

These where taken at the start of September.
September 3rd to be precise.
We just started week 3

The first week was great.
I ate well and exercise like a rock star.
Week 1 I lost 4 lbs.
Can I get a high five.

Week 2, me and Murphy from Murphy's law decided to hang for a little while.
I had sick kids, moved one kid to a different school and completely feel off the no eating out bandwagon.  BOO
I only worked out one day.  Double BOO
Gained back 2 lbs.  Triple BOO  

Here's to a new week full of great workouts and eating right.
I should probable tell the truth, that when I say "eating right"
I mean not eating a ton of junk and not over eating.
I belive that nothing is off the table and that threw small steps you can
make whatever you are eating healthier.
I am a mom and a wife and guess what they aren't going to 
eat chicken with steamed veggies every night.

Besides, I belive that we are here to enjoy life and food helps with that.
I don't want my kids to have issues with food and so I am trying not to.
I love the thought of eating whatever you feel like, but only eating until satisfied.
Which if your listening to your body really isn't that much.

I am going to post pics once a month until the challenge is over.
Having something out there that anyone can see is super motivating.

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heidi said...

You're doing awesome-- I'm doing baby seteps = less nutella more yoga & Amen to the healthier look at food

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