Tuesday, September 3, 2013


With the start of school, comes school lunch.
I mostly have my kids take a lunch. 
It's healthier and cost less, but is not without it's own down side.

My problems our as follows.
I have to make them lunch.
I have a small kitchen and treats are stored on top of my fridge. Ugly.
I have to make them lunch
The second I bring home snacks my five vultures eat all of them up.
I have to make them lunch.

I have solved 2 of those pesky problems.

I bought 2 metal bins from Walmart.
They fit perfectly on top of the fridge.  Ugly no more.

I spay painted a T and a S, then glued them onto the metal bin.
T stands for, if your a hungry little vulture you can take freely from me.
S stands for school lunch only.  
Don't even think of eating anything from here unless your butt is sitting in a school cafeteria.

Ugly before.

Nice and organized after.

I also packed a treat bin for the car.
This has come in so handy.
In fact it saved me today.
I had just done a super amazingly hard work out and didn't have time to go home
for my recovery snack before story time started at the library.
Never been so happy to have trail mix in my life.
I am pretty sure without it I would have died.
I'm not saying a treat bin in your car will save your life, but are you willing to take that chance?
I'm not and am alive today because of it.


Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

So happy that you didn't die today. I understand the sheer desperation of something to eat after that kind of workout. The one time I did GRIT was after I had already done my own cardio. Oh. My. Lanta. In other news, I think that the T should be "treat yo-self".

heidi said...
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heidi said...
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heidi said...

I love this idea!

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