Monday, September 9, 2013

3 lessons I have learned at Target.

I have had a few Oprah style Ah ha moments at Target.
May be I spend to much time there?
Who's to say, right and come on it's Target and when Lauren was still
a wee lil lase she found a good luck penny that made her day.

Here are my 3 life lessons I am so glad that I learned at Target.

1. A child was throwing the biggest fit in the clothes department.
I heard 2 older women complain loudly that there children would never act
like that in a store.  ( which I thought you guys are so the old ladies you have forgotten)
The screaming child made me grateful that I was able to run to the store without any of mine.
Then I saw another older woman walk up to the little girl and start talking to her.
She got down on her level and soon had the little girl happy again.
She didn't stop with that I saw her help this young mother with the rest of her shopping.
She held the baby who started crying and entertained the once screaming toddler.
She taught me so much of Christ like love and service.

2.  We had just found out that we had lost our Levi.
I needed to run by Target before I delivered him to pick up somethings I knew
that I would not want to after.  I felt raw to the world.  My world had just
been thrown up side down and as I walked threw Target it felt odd that
no one new.  They went about there shopping complete unaware of my heartache. 
This taught me to be kind.  You have no idea what the person shopping next to you
is going threw.  I don't ever want to be guilty of adding to someones heartache because 
I am in a hurry or think they are being rude.  You never know.

3.  Right after the Sandy Hook School shooting.
I was feeling like most of us, sad and confused.  I was shocked by
the evil in the world and scared by what it had in store for the future.
I was sad to be buying my kids Christmas stocking candy knowing that somewhere
a mom was morning the loss of her little one and that there would be no stockings for them.
A young family was shopping by me when their daughter threw up everywhere.
Not going to lie, kinda gross. 
A woman by me left the candy isle as I did.  I watch her run to the toddle section and 
grab some pants.  She took the tags off ran them to the mom then went and paid for them.
She taught me there is always goodness in the world.  No mater how dark things seem, if
you look for light you will find it.

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heidi said...

ok, I totally bawled reading this post. I love you Kem, and I'm a target lover too. You know how they say "Gardening is therapy" well you could write a book "Targeting is therapy."

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