Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mi1o turns 1

That's right my baby is now one!!!!!
I have no idea how this could already be,
yesterday I swear I just brought him home
from the hospital and today he is running and jumping
(I don't know if you can call it jumping when his feet never leave the floor).
He can say dad, ball and if he is mad mama!!!
I get told no at least once a day now.
Mr smarty pants can go up or down the stairs.
How can my baby be one?
Once I faced facts and got one with planning the
big #1 birthday part we all had a blast!
The theme was M for Monster Milo!
I made him a monster birthday shirt.
(a tutorial will becoming soon)
A monster cake.
(also a tutorial will soon becoming)

We had my parents over for dinner.
I made yummy fajitas because he is one
and can't veto my pregnant cravings with pizza
like his older siblings. In fact Dallin asked why
we weren't having pizza (because its not
your birthday and I watch throw down with Bobby Flay so now I really wanted fajitas)
Justin's parents sadly weren't able to come.
He loved all of his presents and I loved him!!!!
I am so grateful to be blessed with this little man.
I couldn't ask for a better baby, he is happy and loving.
So easy going and quick to laugh.
Thank you baby Milo.
Amy's low
Your Low
No Baby
Little man


S and E Frazier said...

It did come way too fast didn't it...sigh. What a stud that little Milo is! Great job on the cake! Looks like it took forever!

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

I love that little man!! You forgot Hilo, Mi's, My Guy and Miles. Man! That kid has a lot of nick names for such a little guy.

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