Sunday, October 25, 2009

Arrow of Light

Dallin has now left Cub Scouts far behind and is
now a Boy Scout. At his very last pack meeting he received his
Arrow of Light. He was so proud and happy that night.
So dang cute. I guess the Arrow of Light is a huge
deal in the land of Cub Scouts and so I am
also proud of my little man!!!!! Lets just be honest
I have no idea what to do in the world of scouting
that having sons has lead me into. With that said
I am so grateful for scouting leaders who help Dallin get this far
(because it wasn't because of me).
Dallin are you sure your 11 and big enough for camp outs and
all that stuff, because I am sure that I'm not ready for any of it.

Dallin Leaving Cub Scouts!

Dallin walking over the bridge of scouting and becoming a Boy Scouts
(one of the things I don't get)!!!!

Receiving his Arrow of Light

Being so dang handsome.

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the mama monster said...

ah man, that seems like some big kid stuff. so is dallin a big kid now? can't wait to hear about his many adventures!

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