Sunday, September 6, 2009


Justin (who I love) thought that since Mi!o is now
8 mths he must need his first skateboard!!!!
Mi!o is in heaven !!!
He loves it and pushes it around the house,
then he'll make the tail go up or he'll just try and eat the wheels.

Mi!o also had fruity pebbles for the first time
and it was love at first taste.
Here he is thanking who ever it was that
came up with this flavor explosion.


the mama monster said...

i love that he already knows to love skateboards! love the chubby little thighs and the cute expression on his face!

Megan said...

Um, can he get any cuter???

Steph said...

He is the cutest little chub!!! What a face! I too love the fruity pebbles.

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