Saturday, September 19, 2009

Short or Long

I'm facing the age old ??????? To grow or to cut?
My hair is finally past my shoulders (all be it just).
I am so sick of growing it out but not ready to give up just yet....
then I see cute pixs of short hair or at the store I turn around
to see super cute short hair or Megan goes and gets herself a new
cute short due...... Why is this so hard, why???????
I really want long hair. It's great just pulling it up with out the help of bobby pins.
I can dry and go. It covers up the part of my back I hate.
So please help me Long or Short.
Here are 2 famous people with hair that I love
to help make your decision for me a little easier.
The one of Zooey Deschanel is the one
that popped up when I googled.
The one of Katie Holmes is from a hair blog just
for her and her hair. The link is below the pix.

My hair fate is in your hands. Please be kind.


the mama monster said...

gah they are both so cute but so different! i love the cutie pie zoe's hair style but katies is soooooo stylish. um i guess i am of no help whatsoever because i think either would be darling! you could totally rock either one...

Cindy said...

I personally love short hair (which is funny since Russ likes long should see our wedding with a pixie cut and Russ with chin-length permed hair), so I would vote for the Katie Holmes cut. I just don't get my hair cut often enough to keep it that short anymore. So you should decide if you want to have to go more often to get it cut or if you want to be able to go a while in between cuts.

Megan said...

You rocked Katie's hair not long ago so I vote for Zoe. Sooooo very awesome and so very you right now. You are stinkin' close to getting over that akward stage. It's cleared the shoulders and almost there. Give it a month and a new trim and you'll be set. But, if you decide to go short, you MUST go to Kaylin. Sorry to your regular hairdresser but Kaylin is a superstar. And thanks for saying my hair was cute. :)

Megan said...

And Cindy, I MUST see this perm you speak of!

Anonymous said...

I say you grow it out, it has been so long since you've had long hair.

Love ya, see you tomorrow for peaches. BTW this is Jennell

Steph said...

My vote is grow it too. Seems like every time I want to grow my hair out and then I cut it, I always regret it!!! Just give it a little more time... Then if you want to cut it when it grows out more it will be even more dramatic!!!! And you know I'm all about the drama. I have never seen your hair long either.

Kem said...

Thanks guys I am going to keep on keeping on with the growing out thing wish me luck

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