Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Hot Mail Box, a Good Friend and 801

Well my dad and mom are in bright sunny in full spring California, and while they get to work and enjoy the weather out there, their mail box decided it needed some love and fell over. Since we have the pleasure of taking care of their house while they help people with tax returns, I called my dad to ask him what he wanted us to do for the poor lonely mailbox, and he said go and buy some rebar and rope and just jimmy rig it for now and that he would fix it for real when he returned in May. Well me and Milo took his first trip to the hardware store and found the rebar and then walked to the rope isle and saw this hot pink and awesome green rope. I laughed to myself that it would be funny to beautify their mailbox with it, but my frugal side kicked in and said no find the best deal. Well as luck and carma would have it the awesome bright rope was the best price. So as you can see the mailbox is now up right and I can say that i fixed it in high heels. I would also like to thank Megan for her help of standing the mailbox up so that I could hammer in the rebar and also for her help in tying the string to the rebar. Thanks your the best. Also congrats on the new dishwasher, its been along time coming.
So who decided to make it so we have to dial 801 before each call. How lame is that and yes I am so lazy that I am bothered by the fact that there is now 3 more numbers to punch into my phone.
Cute Lauren with her fav headband

Mia right after dance class

Sammy, Megan is so prod of her lil man and his lip gloss skills

Milo loves being outside cant you just tell

Sammy and Milo "Lo Lo bebe hold it, Dem hold Lo Lo bebe"
Translated that is Sammy asking Kem if he can hold baby Milo.

Me fixing the mailbox. That's right in my heels.

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meg said...

Kem! I adore those photos of my kids. Yes, I like yours too, but I am biased.
Who says that you can't be handy and stylish. Heels were the right look to fancify that mailbox. And you were right to get me to help. I specialize in holding up mailboxes. It's a little known talent of mine.

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