Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patricks Day, Some hopping Fun, and Shepards Pie Recipe

This morning I was feeling like a good mom.

I had green outfits for my kiddios.

I made green eggs and painted clovers on their toast.

Then I go and get Lauren up and tell her to wear the green outfit so she doesn't
get pinched.

She informs me your not allowed to pinch in Mrs Burton's class.

That she hates St Patricks day and she hates the outfit and not to talk to her

because she hates being talked to.

She then walks her pain little bottom into the kitchen and see the eggs and toast

As she is glaring at her food daring it to do anything other than just being food

and yells I hate St Patricks day and all she will eat is the toast.

After she snubs my green eggs and only eats her toast, I tell her to put her shoes

She gives me her best look of death and ever so unkindly reminds me

that no one is to speak to her and that she will not be wearing socks today.

Needless to say I am ever so thankful for school and Mrs Burton today.

She came home like a perfect little angel and I wonder if you can give midol to
a six year old and if you can how much?

The boys were great and Mike helped his scout leaders clean up.

He was also proud that he was the only one to finish building his bird house.

The ever so humble boy informed me "that he's not any faster then the other boys
he just has more experience using tools because he helps Grandpa Reynolds out
so much, is all"

So Happy St Patricks Day

I just felt like throwing in another new born picture of Milo

The kids had a blast jumping on the tramp after dinner and I loved taking pictures
of their fun.
I know what your thinking there's no way this girl can HATE St Patricks Day and
turn her cute Little nose up at my green eggs, I mean this
was only her third green outfit of the day.

Yet another picture of Dallin making a face.
You might remember it from here

I love how Dal is blurred and Lu Lu is in focus

I love Lu's black tights. Skinny lil legs.

Mike with his mad jumping skills and bird house building skills!

I like the vintage look here

I so remember this rad move from my childhood.

So tired!!!! Maybe they'll go right to bed tonight? What I can wish.

Here's our St Patricks Dinner of Shepard's Pie

And to quot Mike's joke in his best British voice
What is Shepard's pie its not a Shepard and its not a pie what
is a Shepard pie anyways, bum bum chi (that was supposed to be drum sounds)

Anyways here is the recipe.

Boil enough water to cover your potatoes. You know what I think
everyone knows how to make mashed potatoes and if you don't
call and I'll tell you how because come on everyone love a good mashed potato

So star your potatoes. Then dice 2 or 3 cloves garlic and 1 sm onion,

chop a handful or 2 of baby carrots (sorry I don't have time to was measuring stuff

so I use my hands. Ok I'll tell the truth, I just don't want to clean it)

next chop 1 zucchini. Add all of these to a pan that has been heated with a teaspoon or 2

of olive oil or any other good oil. When the onions are clear add 1lb of hamburger

and 2 chopped up celery stalks, also add seasonings. I use the meatloaf seasoning packets. Brown hamburger.

Next add a can of tomato soup (the normal small size can)
Let simmer while you finish your mash potatoes.

In a 9-13 pan layer meat then potatoes on top, then finish off with a hole heck

of a lot of cheddar cheese.

Place in a preheated oven @ 350 for about 45 min give or take.

I like to serve with some kind of bread. I mean you have to slop it up with something right.

Thanks and enjoy.



the mama monster said...

awesome pictures! i love the third from the bottom the best. i think lauren and ezra are on the same wavelength. ezra does everything opposite of what i want him to.

meg said...

You are a good mama and you have really entertaining kids.
FYI, I'm listening to your blog music while I try and get some work done. Guess I should stop commenting and start glueing.

Jill said...

That made me laugh...it made me happy because Carson sounds just like her! We surely have to set them up in about fifteen years! You are a good mom, I didn't even wear green, I know...I'm lame.

Jimmy said...

It is in Dallins Blood to make faces isn't it?

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