Friday, March 27, 2009

Mike's 3rd Grade Program and Dallin's County Report

On Wednesday Mr Mike had his 3rd grade program.

Which he was awesome at, but as if any of you 3 people out there

who read this would ever doubt.

He was so excited, it was really cute!!!

He came home and informed me he had a solo, and I was so

excited to here his raspy voice tell the world (sorry I mean tell Columbia Elementary)

That he liked being him.

So Mike jumps up and tells all of Columbia "that he likes being him"

with 5 other children and I couldn't make out his unique voice.

I think we might need to tell him what a solo is for next time.

This was his fav part. He told me he had to wear a dark shirt

with no writing on it like only 15 million times.

But what boy doesn't like a good black light.

They moved around white bowling pins as they sang.

Supper fun to do and to watch!

How could I not post this picture of Milo in Jen's lap?
By the way Mike counted and Milo got 28 complements that day.

My Fav part was trying to make Mike laugh.

Which I did with the help of Milo.

Now on to Dallin and Carbon County.

Just in case you don't know in 4th Grade

you have your county report and it is major!

let me repeat that for emphasis IT IS MAJOR!

I have to say that when Dal came home in October and told me

he had Carbon County, I thought oh man what a lame county.

I am so sorry Carbon Count that I judge you so harshly.

It is one cool county. There is hiking and rafting and Indian rock art and ghost towns.

Here I thought it was just coal, who new.

To start off the county fair they sang a couple of songs,

and showed off there made recorder skills.

(you also get to play the recorder in 4th grade)

Dallin had to make a float, and since there is fossils

all over Carbon. His choice was to have one dino eating the other.

The inspiration for this came from dallin's hero Strongbad.

Click here to check it out.

It was great bonding for Justin and Dallin.

Justin beamed down at his son as they decide against the

ghost town that boring old mom suggested and took

this way more fun to build idea.
Justin drew and Dallin colored as they laughed.

When all was said and done Dallin asked what if the principal

came into his class? I had to smile at that.

Dallin took this photo of Milo being done with the county fair

Me and my boys.


meg said...

That is a great diaorama that they made. It's so very THEM! I can see it now...father and son brainstorming guts and blood. It's just like the fairy tales. :)
And what a good looking kid that Mikey is compaired to all those other kids in that picture. (Haha. Nice artwork Kemmy!)

the mama monster said...

awesome diorama. i can't wait to do things like that with my boys!

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