Friday, March 6, 2009

Milo is 2 Mths, My Little Rag a Muffin, and Blue and Gold

Say what. That's right little man Milo is now 2 Mths. Well Actually he was 2mths last week, but now I have pictures to prove it. I'll be posting more on my other blog shortly, I wanted to get these ones up quick for my mom to see just how big her newest grandchild is. So mom here he is, and I must also add he is so dang cute. As always he looks a little scared and nervous in these photos, but that's just Mi. The only time he doesn't have this look on his wee lil face is when he is smiling and talking to whoever is around. He is such a blast. He is so mellow and kinda just goes with the flow. I had a dentist apt yesterday and I thought no need to find someone to watch Lo Lo for me, He'll Just Sleep. Well naturally I was wrong and he decided to be up the entire time and I must add he was so awesome he just hung out on my lap and cued and smiled at the staff. oh and by the way just in case you care no new cavities, that's right I only had the four from 2007 that I some how blacked out of my memory, but at least no new ones. I was so worried that me being prego would of ruined my mouth because lets just say me and floss didn't have a friendly relationship for the first 9 mths or so. No matter we are friends once again and I am no worse for the wear.

So Lauren decided sense it was a whopping 50 deg outside she should naturally forgo a long sleeve shirt or a light jacket to the more warm and ever so modest tank top. She looked like such a little orphan child that I had to grab my camera and take a few snap shots of my little lady. I love her hair going in all directions. I know some people out there might think get a jacket on that child or comb her hair, but I just loved the spring like feel of the day and this is my life and my girl who thought she was just beautiful and she is, just ask her.

The boys had their blue and gold banquet (thank you Jen for telling me how to spell banquet).
It was fun. No really it was. I am now the prod mom of a Webelo (Jen wasn't sure I spelt this right and neither am I) and a wolf. Dallin is on track to achieving his arrow of light or something like that and Mike got a ton of silver arrow point and 2 gold arrow points. I really don't know what scouts is all about, I just send my boys out to the big world of scouts and pretend like I know what is going on and go home and ask Justin what in the world just happen. Did I mention I married an awesome man who knows a lot of boy stuff that I don't.

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Cindy said...

Yes, you spelled Webelo right.

Kem said...

Oh good, I wasnt sure and I was to lazy to check

Steph said...

Kem, I love that last picture of Lu. The one with the hair flying all over the place. Soo cute and so her! Cutest little ragga-muff(you know next to my little ragga-muffs):)

meg said...

I love her ragga-muff look. It's just so Lu. Those girls crack me up. I love to listen to them. Yes, I totally spy on them. It's okay because that is what mom's do.

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