Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Beautiful and Bitter Cold Spring Morning

Me and Milo Head on down to Ponds Park to feed the ducks
with our wards play group.
That's right I take the 2 mth old to the play group.
Come on its mostly for the mom's anyway.
It was a blast and did I mention cold!!!
No well it was. I decided that its spring and I'm going to dress like it.
Yea flip flops maybe not the best choice.
Milo would of loved the ducks if you know he wasn't 2 mths old.
All the kids loved feeding the ducks and themselves.
There was a chorus of mom's saying "sweetie don't eat the bread its old."
Milo was so good and didn't eat any bread!!!!
This is Ab who also didn't eat any bread
Cute Eli

Ezra is a funny lil man, he told me all about the ducks and the pond.

Alysia, look at those eye lashes. I'm so jealous

Molly also with great lashes.

Some how I didn't get a good shot of Dylan. Sorry Cindy.
Mikell with her boys

Wild man Zach

Sweet Eric.

A group shot of Ezra, Cindy holding Dylan (this was the only picture I got of Dylan)

Eli and Jackie.

Thanks Jackie for planing this little cold outing.

See ya later



the mama monster said...

cutest bunch of kids ever. sorry it was so cold though. milo has such pretty eyes! here is that photo blog.
and here is our family blog if you want to check it out

meg said...

Looks, um cold. I am still sorry that I missed it. Maybe next time!

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